Posted On: 03/28/18 6:00 AM

Copley 5’9” combo guard Brian Roberts (2019) is fresh off a run to the D-I Regional Championship game. But, as is the case for unsigned senior prospects, Roberts has quickly shifted his focus on finding a college fit.

He’s certainly making progress, as Roberts has cut the list of options down to three D-III schools.

“The top three schools right now that are talking to me are Allegheny, Mount Union, and Hiram,” Roberts told us. He continued, “I took a visit to Mount Union and Allegheny. Now I’m taking one to Hiram next Monday.

The shifty score-first guard confirmed that he’s set on choosing between those three colleges at this point. He even went as far as naming a front-runner, although he plans on announcing a final decision after next week.

“My front-runner is probably Allegheny right now,” Roberts said.

He followed that statement up by touching on who Mount Union has already brought in for their 2018 recruiting class.

“Mount Union has a lot of guards coming in. My cousin is actually going there, Collen Gurley,” Roberts said.

He carried on by touching on specific criteria he has valued throughout the recruiting process.

“I actually seen Allegheny and Hiram play against each other, so the playing styles. How often the coaches came to see me — including the head coach, how many times they wanted to travel to come watch me play. The teammates, the character they have on the team. And the environment,” Roberts said.

As far as playing style goes, Copley fans know that Roberts thrives in the open floor. He’s looking to continue pushing the pace next season and beyond.

Roberts can play either guard spot, yet prefers to have control of the game as the point guard. From there, Roberts puts pressure on the defense with his quickness and ability to change speeds. He often forces help in the lane. Although his shot and finishing moves are unorthodox, he’s an extremely effective scorer.

Going into the next phase of his playing career, Roberts has plenty of areas that he’d like to improve on.

“Strength, my left hand, getting my motor better and getting my IQ better,” Roberts said, when asked what he’s working on this offseason.

Roberts currently has a 2.6 GPA and ACT score of 19 on his transcript.