Recruiting Report: Alejandro Rama (2019)


Posted On: 03/31/18 8:07 PM

Alejandro Rama is a PHD All-State honored player in Class A and the leader of a top that finished top 5 in state with a 20-5 record.  PHD talked with Alejandro today about the next phase of basketball for him.

As a junior Rama was named all-state Class A third team meaning he was a top 11-15 player in the state in his class this year.  At 22.4 points, six rebounds, four assists, and three steals a game Rama was at least that.  Maybe even higher.

“Things with my winter team went better than I could’ve imagined,” Rama said. “We had some games we shouldn’t have lost but when I look back to those games I’m grateful for them because they exposed a lot of our flaws and made us better for the end of the season.

“We won both of our region game and in the sweet 16 we were the 13 seed facing a 4 seed so we were the “underdog” but we ended up winning by 25 or so and making it to state. First round we played the #1 seed and undefeated Sioux Falls Christian and we hung in with them for awhile and were up at 1 point then I started to get double teamed full court and face guarded so that made a struggle for our team to score.

“We won our last two games and were the consolations champs of the tourney and I felt really good about ending our season on two wins at state. So it was a really good season for me and my team. It really gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves and the opportunity to prove myself since I was sidelined most of the year my sophomore year.”

Alejandro is one of the most improved juniors in the state right now which is shown by the numbers he put up, the record his team finished with, and the way teams defended him.

“A big improvement in my game is being able to handle pressure,” Rama said.  “On many occasions through the season I was double teamed and face guarded. So I had to learn to be comfortable with that kind of pressure and eventually got to the point where once the ball is in my hand and I’m being pressured it doesn’t really make a difference.

“But once the ball was out of my hand because of a double team on me or something I got a lot better at getting myself open. Learning how to rub my guy off of my teammates and even other defenders. I learned how setting screens for other people can even possibly lead to me getting open so those two things were for sure big improvements on my game along with my mid range jumper which I feel made me a large threat since not much people take that kind of shot.”

As you can tell, the court intelligence has come along with Rama and he’s still just a young player really.  Rama will continue to improve with a new AAU program in South Dakota.

“This year I’m playing with a new team and organization which has been started up by Alan Bertram called “Black Hills Basketball Academy” and our team is looking pretty tough I would say,” Rama said.  “Aiden Bizardie, who I’ve played with since 15, I’m playing with again for our final year and we also have some really talented players coming from Sturgis, Rapid City Central, Douglas, and some of the surrounding areas so I’m really excited for this summer and am confident in my team to do well this summer season!”

While playing with Black Hills Basketball Academy (which I believe is also called Sacred Hoops) Rama will have the chance to play in front of several college basketball programs.

“Some colleges have been contacting me and I recently got my first scholarship offer from McCook Community College which is also where my brother went,” Rama said.  “Also Chadron State College recently told me I was their top recruit for the 2019 class so I’ve been in contact with them lately. I’ve also been getting interest by Mount Marty and Concordia College in Nebraska.”