Posted On: 03/29/18 8:21 AM

The “By the Numbers” look at the class of 2018 will slice the class up by AAU program, high school, and future college.

The first two measure grassroots and high school basketball programs by the same superlatives, including deepest program and most high-end talent.

In the look-ahead to the next level, our college article recognizes college programs bringing in two or more Ohio prospects. Trends will be based on both quality and quantity.

Here’s the AAU program version of this mini-series.

Deepest Program

Determined by the total number of ranked players.

Nova Village

Between Nova’s Tillman, Rice, and Beard teams, they totaled 22 players in our 2018 rankings. They ranked high in most of the categories despite not playing on the highest shoe circuits. They’re based in Columbus but occasionally draw a player or two from Dayton or Cleveland.

Most High-End Talent

Determined by the number of players ranked 1-30 in the 2018 rankings. Prospects in this range are in the surefire D-I tier.  

C2K Elite

Ohio’s Under Armour affiliate stands alone with six players in the top 30. They came very close to seven players as the #31 spot also belongs to the Lima-based program. This was C2K’s first official season. Previously known as the King James Shooting Stars.

Most D-III Talent

Determined by the number of players ranked 96-251 in the 2018 rankings. Prospects in this range are most likely to land at the D-III college level. However, there are plenty of exceptions.

Tie: Nova Village, TNBA

The two Ohio grassroots programs with the widest variance of teams both carried eleven players in this range. They represent Columbus and Cleveland respectively. Individual teams like OH-NOVA (Rice), TNBA Ohio, and a couple other blended a roster of D-III level players with scholarship kids.

Best Backcourt

Determined by the total of the players score. For example, the #3 and #12 prospect = 15. The lowest score wins.  

C2K Elite

C2K’s backcourt of Justin Ahrens, Caleb McConnell, and Darius Quisenberry totaled a score of 30. They even had two more guards on the roster who can play D-I basketball, but this was their starting backcourt often when we watched them. Quisenberry, the highest ranked pure point guard in the 2018 class, was also a part of the top HS backcourt with Wayne. 

Best Frontcourt

Same formula as the Best Backcourt.

All Ohio Red EYBL

The top 17U team in Ohio from this past grassroots season finally shows up! Dane Goodwin, Vincent Williams, and Thomas Kithier (#8 in Michigan) led All Ohio Red to Peach Jam last year. The three combine to a total of score of 20.

Most College Commitments

Determined by the number of players committed to a college program, as of March 28.

Nova Village

Nova barely edged Hidden Gems and TNBA. Between their three teams, they currently have eleven players committed to a college program. This group is headlined by Jerome Hunter, Cameron Brooks-Harris, and Eli McNamara. Plenty more to come in the next couple months. 

Most Unsigned Talent

Determined by the number of ranked players not committed to a college program, as of March 28.   

Tie: Nova Village, TNBA

It’s a neck and neck race between the two programs in yet another category. We expect a lot of dominoes to fall soon and you can follow us on Twitter for daily updates on commitments.