Question & Answer: Brandon Wade (2018, Skyline)

High School

Posted On: 03/7/18 9:43 AM

The playoffs have arrived. This is the time of year when the best of the best shine and great players assert themselves as legends. Brandon Wade (2018, PG, Skyline) has reached the status of legend in the Ann Arbor area. As he and his Skyline team continue in the playoffs, his reputation grows. I caught up with Wade to talk about the playoffs, his high school basketball career, and his future at Duquesne.

Question:  How does it feel knowing you’re now considered one of the greatest players to ever come out of Ann Arbor?

Brandon Wade:  It’s a complete blessing. There have been A LOT of amazing players that have played in this town, and knowing that my father made a name for himself in Ann Arbor as well, is absolutely humbling. I work extremely hard to perfect my craft, and to even be in that conversation is something that makes me want to push even harder.

Question:  How have you and your teammates prepared for the playoffs?

Brandon Wade:  Beginning 2 weeks after the season last year, we knew that we were going to work harder than any other team in the state. Constant lifting, working out, running, practices, and games in the offseason and season has put us in a great position to do something special in the season. We know that defense is going to win us championships, so everything we do is going to be related to that.

Question:  What do you think is the key to your team making a deep run in the playoffs?

Brandon Wade:  Defense and Rebounding. It’s something that we’ve imbedded in our heads since the first day of the season, and if we can continue to buy into it, we’ll go really far.

Question:  What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in high school basketball?

Brandon Wade:  I feel that Skyline was always an afterthought when it came to recognition or respect in the state. Starting my 8th grade year when the Skyline team won regionals, and when my class came in, I felt like we began to beat the top teams in the state and eventually be considered one of, if not the, best team in the state.

Question:  What is your best memory from your time at Skyline?

Brandon Wade:  My best memory is being able to play with the people I’ve grown up with and have gotten really close to.

Question:  You and your team are the epitome of together and close. How did you guys accomplish that?

Brandon Wade:  Most of us grew up together. We’re a team that does everything together. Whether it’s hanging out at a teammates house before practice or game, or hanging out on The Weekends, we’re a group of guys that have known each other for a Long time and cherish each other’s relationship, and it translates to the court.

Question:  Who do you feel is the toughest player you may match up with in the playoffs?

Brandon Wade:  I feel that Gabe Brown from Belleville or Foster when he’s healthy will be the toughest players.

Question:  When the season is over, what will you miss the most about high school basketball?

Brandon Wade:  I’m going to miss playing with my Ryan and Jack. We have spent countless hours in the gym together and playing games whether it’s AAU or High school, and to think this will be the last time is insane.

Question:  What are you looking forward to the most about Duquesne and college basketball?

Brandon Wade:  I’m looking forward to getting down to Duquesne and imbedding myself in the city and culture of the campus and basketball program. I’m excited to get started and start working with my teammates and coaches so that we can create something special down there.

Question:  What motivates you to be the great basketball player that you are?

Brandon Wade:  Not wanting to be average is something that motivates me to work harder than everyone else no matter what it is. Repetition creates confidence, so I will work as hard as i can to gain the confidence that I’m going to beat the player or team in front of me.