Prospect Spotlight: Milloni Massey

Northern California

Posted On: 03/30/18 9:52 PM

While many things in our game have changed over the years, the one thing that will never change is the need for players that exemplify toughness. Milloni is one of those players as he plays the game with a grit and competitive fire that are difficult to match. A player that can fill it up as well as make his teammates better, he gets after it for the entire game. He really put on a show at the CaliHoop Senior Showcase and was easily one of the best players in gym as he picked up full court on defense from the start of the event. We will dive into my interview with the point guard about what makes him the player he is and his desire to be great.


What is your biggest strength?

My competitive nature and my will to win are what set me apart rim others.


Where does your competitive fire come from?

I go so hard because I want to be able to provide for my family in someway. I didn’t grow up with much so it just makes me want to compete that much harder.


What do you think is your most underrated skill?

My abilities as a Floor general to be a leader and make my teammates better as well.


Who do you model your game after?

I have a desire to be better than my older brother who was one of the best guards in Northern California. It’s another reason as to why I compete so aggressively.


Where do you plan to play AAU this offseason?

Currently I’m not sure where I’ll play in the spring and summer but I’m still looking for programs to join.


What should coaches know about you?

They should know that I’m a leader who is hard working and willing to leave it all on the court.