Prospect Spotlight: Jahlani Blair (2019)


Posted On: 03/13/18 3:00 PM

A top-15 prospect in Nevada’s 2019 class, Jahlani Blair is ready to embark on what will be a very important 17U offseason.

The 6-foot-3 shooting guard is just two weeks away from his offseason with Vegas Elite, and he’ll be looking to show off his ability to create, for himself and for others.

“I like to make an impact by getting a lot of rebounds, offensive and defensive. I like to get to the rack a lot, and look for kick-outs; if the kick-out isn’t there I try and use my strength to get layups,” said Blair.

The Spring Valley junior averaged 13 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists this past season with the Grizzlies. Most importantly, he learned to be a leader.

“My role on Spring Valley as a junior was to be a leader. We had five seniors that were vocal leaders, but I was more of a leader by example,” said Blair. “I wanted to show our younger guys how to play on the varsity level effectively.”

With his 17U offseason just weeks away, Blair mentioned what he’s looking forward to this spring with Vegas Elite.

“I really love Vegas elite, I’ve been playing with them since fifth-grade. I think they have a very good program there,” said Blair. “Our 17U team is going to be all around for tournaments, and we’re going to try and get a lot of looks. I want to establish a good leadership role on that team.”

As for his recruitment, there’s a couple schools he knows that have been expressing interest. But, for the most part, he’s letting his father handle that portion of his life.

“I really don’t even know a lot about my recruitment, my dad takes care of all of that. I don’t like to focus on all of that because I feel like if I try and focus on all of that it’ll get to my head, and I’m not really all about that,” said Blair.  

“UC-Irvine and Pepperdine are the only ones I know right now that might be interested, and a couple JuCos.”

Blair’s goals for the offseason: win and become better.

“My goal this offseason is to at least win the championship in one tournament this year; and I just want to be the best player I can be, and the best person I can be” he said. “Basketball can only take me so far, but I want to use it as a tool to get to college and get a degree.”