Prospect Spotlight: Brooklin Sharpe

Northern California

Posted On: 03/30/18 9:34 PM

I had the opportunity to interview the M.V.P of the Oakland Athletic League out of Oakland Tech to gain insight on the player that I call Mr.Triple Double. His gift for being able to effect every aspect of the game is rare and we are about to dive into the Q&A to see what makes him tick as well as what the future holds for him.


What motivates you to play the game?

I motivate myself but I just have the desire to be great and be the best player I can be for my team. I also want to make my family as proud and as happy as possible.


Who are some of your favorite players?

My favorite player is James Harden because of the way he does everything and runs the show as a large guard. He has an understanding of the game that’s on another level. I also like Paul George and how smooth he plays. He lets the game come to him.


You have a gift for being a triple double threat, have you always been that way or was it a learned skill?

I learned that skill as i grew and understood the game better. I didn’t like to rebound or do the dirty work but as a leader on my team, I realized that being more versatile would help the group play better.


What part of your game do you think is the most underrated?

I would say my playmaking ability. I believe i have a knack to make plays on the floor. My threat to score allows me to attack and kick out or create for myself as well.


Where have you played your AAU ball?

I played on Team Elite of San Jose and before that I was on Team Lillard.


What should college coaches know about you?

They should know that I’m a down to earth guy that just wants to win and continue to improve. I want to help the team in anyway I can and that I’m a pretty fun person to be around.