Prospect Spotlight: 2019 James Keefe (Loyola HS)

High School
Southern California

Posted On: 03/17/18 10:40 AM

Prospect Spotlight: 2019 James Keefe (Loyola HS)

LOS ANGELES, CA—You know you have been in the scouting business for awhile when it becomes common place evaluating the son’s of players of that you previously watched many years ago. Well that is absolutely the case with James Keefe.

Keefe is one of the better sleeper prospects around and that comes as no surprise as his dad (Adam) and mom (Kristin) were stud athletes at Stanford. James, like his father, is a heck of a basketball prospect as well.

He is an exceptional athlete who is tough to handle on the block (his turn around jump shot is impeccable), can finish with either hand, and he can knock down elbow jump shots. He has the length, soft hands, and frame to blossom into a Division 1 four-man.

Keefe has the physical tools to be a Division 1 recruit

With the club basketball season on the horizon, look for Keefe to open up some eyes.

“I plan on playing with LA Rockfish this spring and summer,” explains Keefe.

Club basketball, much of the time, has a tendency to be a bit more wide open where transition baskets are more plentiful. Keefe has the athleticism and motor to take advantage of these situations where he should “wow” coaches with his bounce, motor, and potential. In scouting terms, he is a real diamond in the rough.