Prospect Introduction: 2021 Deon Brown


Posted On: 03/23/18 8:41 AM

2021 Seffner Christian G Deon Brown is a player working hard and on the rise! I walked into a Tampa gym to see if a kid would catch my eye and I spotted Brown working out. While other kids were playing 3 on 3, Deon was alone working on strength and agility and then he began a shooting regimen. I stopped him for a few and had a brief question and answer session.

Question: You’re only a freshman, where did you get this type of work ethic and what drives you?

Brown: “I just love the game of basketball and want to be great at it. Kobe Bryant is my favorite player and I’ve heard the stories about his workouts, if he can work hard then so can I.”

Question 2: Coming into your first high school season at Seffner Christian, what hopes and expectations do you have?

Brown: “I had a great spring and summer playing for Team Knight (Adidas sponsored team by Phoenix Suns Brandon Knight) so I wanted to make the varsity squad. That was the only expectation and goal I had set.”

Question 3: Expecting and working so hard to make varsity, were u disappointed that u didn’t make it at first?

Brown: “I was somewhat bothered by it but I work hard. I knew I could get called up and I eventually did.”

Question 4: I saw you working on strength and agility, what’s the focus of your work this offseason?

Brown: “I’m focused on my complete game. I’ve been known as a shooter/ scorer but I want to be known as a complete player. My strength and agility training is so that I can finish through contact and so that my footwork will be better because I want to be a top-notch defender.”

That attitude and mindset are what make good players, great players. Brown is a player to watch in the coming years.