Posted On: 03/26/18 3:19 PM

This is the Northwest League Post Season Honors.  Our first list will be impact players for each team inlcluding their stats for the year.  The second list can be players who made a contribution and will be a future impact player in many regards or just key role players who did a little of everything for the team.

Jaylen Fox 6-2” guard Faith Lutheran Senior 15 ppg 3 rpg 3.4 apg: Jaylen was a strong player for Faith from the day he walked in the gym as a Freshman.  He has been getting college interest for the past 3 years and has been a strong leader for his Varsity team.  This year he was a key player for his team with Elijah Kothe that set them up for a playoff run.

Elijah Kothe 6-4” guard Faith Lutheran Senior 17 ppg 8 rpg: Elijah is a football/basketball kid who does a little of everything.  He has good size at 6-4″ and has been pretty bouncy over the years.  He adds the bang on the boards.  He was a strong player inside and outside from his Junior year until graduation.  Kothe has been a key impact player with a strong motor.

Ishon Hardin Centennial HS, 6-2” Senior guard, 17 ppg, 6.2 rpg 3.1 apg: Ishon Hardin is not the typical Centennial guard.  He hasn’t had extreme hype like a Troy Brown but he has been the senior leader of scoring and adding rebounds as a physical guard.  Several years ago I was told about Ishon when I was still coaching.  I see what they meant with his Junior and Senior years.  Hardin deserves recognition for a leading the Centennial team to playoffs and taking over the reigns.  Hardin is a quality guard with phyisical play and dedication to defense.

Jarrod Burks Arbor View HS, 6-4″ Senior guard, 14.1 ppg, 6.6 rpg: Burks is the younger brother of Justin Burks from the LV Prospects who made waves years ago.  Jarrod is a feisty tough guard who likes to get to the basket with contact.  6-4″ height allows him to fit in with several colleges.  He is a good shooter from deep and led his team both in scoring and in leadership.

Brian Washington (Cimarron Memorial HS) 16.1 ppg, 14.2 rpg: Brian was a Power Forward who made a name for himself playing big around the rim.  He was a prototypical big man who went to work on the inside and got easy buckets.  He was tough on the right side of the block and very hard to stop.  Brian Washington was a key player that helped Cimmaron make a come back into the playoffs and win key games.

D’Eric Marlowe (Legacy) 6-4” senior guard 13.9 ppg, 7 rpg: Marlowe the go-to player for Legacy this year.  Standing at 6-4″ tall, he was a matchup issue for smaller guards and used that to his advantage.  He would post up smaller guards or cruise by slower ones.  He helped on the boards in key games to start the fast break or stop second chance points for the opponents.

Dylan Yoro (Palo Verde HS) 6-0” senior guard 12.2 ppg 2.6 apg: Dylan helped lead a rebuilding year for Palo Verde with a mix of players trying to find a leader.  Yoro didn’t have huge stats but he was consistent in his play over the year.

Honorable Mention:

Cristian Pitts 6-1” senior guard (Legacy)10.5 ppg, 2.1 apg: Pitts filled it up for Legacy after they lost a key player midway thru the season.  He was a physical guard who played hard defense and knocked down  a shot when he was open.  Legacy is a school that is strongly guard based and Christian fit that role for Coach Tarango this year.

Tieman Allen 6-6” guard 9 ppg, 4.6 rpg: Allen will be a future threat for some college moving forward.  He has good size and length to be an impact player and he can fill up stats.  He was a strong role player for a Palo Verde team needing contribution with a new roster.

Dalton Kincaid 6-5” forward (Faith Lutheran) Senior  11.6 ppg and 7 rpg: Dalton helped out a skilled team this year to round out the roster.  He was a hard working role player who did the little stuff to help his team win games.

George Tribble 6-0″ senior guard, (Cimarron Memorial HS) 13.4 ppg: George was consistent contributer for Spartans and worked hard for his senior season. He made big improvements from his Junior year to his Senior season.

Garrin Macfarlane 6-0″ junior guard (Shadow Ridge HS) 12.2 ppg and 3 rpg: Garrin was the leading scorer in a down year for the Mustangs.  Macfarlane tried to carry his team on his back some nights with no success but he deserves recognition and he may come back stronger his final year to bring Shadow Ridge back up in 2018.

Donovan Yapp 6-3″ sophomore guard (Arbor View HS) 8 ppg, 2 rpg 2 apg: Donovan was a bright spot in youth development for the Aggies.  As a Sophomore playing on Varsity he was making an impact each night and showing his upside for future seasons.