Nigel Colvin (2019) Talks Playoffs & River Rouge Basketball

High School

Posted On: 03/9/18 8:24 AM

Nigel Colvin is a gritty guard from River Rouge High School. He is best known for his elite defensive skills. Colvin has the ability to create chaos when pressuring the ball. He is also a good shooter who likes to attack the rim. The junior has had a solid season and his River Rouge squad is a state championship contender. They are fresh off an 86-21 victory over West Side Academy in the District Semifinals. Tonight, Colvin and his teammates will play for a District Championship against Voyager. I caught up with Nigel Colvin and talked about River Rouge basketball and the state playoffs.

Question: Your team is elite defensively. How did your team accomplish this?

Nigel Colvin:  Our team is so good defensively because every person that steps on the floor has bought in to what Coach White and the Coaching staff has taught us and even though we have defensive principles, the biggest one is just having heart to shut the other team down.

Question:  How have you and your teammates prepared for the playoffs?

Nigel Colvin:  We have spent countless hours preparing for the playoffs, we do a lot of physical things in practice but it is the mental preparation in how we address practice . We practice harder than the games.

Question:  What do you think is the key to your team making a deep run in the playoffs?

Nigel Colvin:  The key to our team making a deep run in the playoffs is locking up on defense.

Question:  What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in high school basketball?

Nigel Colvin:  I feel that my greatest accomplishment in high school basketball is getting to the Breslin with my team last year.

Question:  What is your best memory from this season?

Nigel Colvin:  My best memory from this season is the week of practice after we lost to Southfield Christian.

Question:  What do you think is a key to winning your District Championship game?

Nigel Colvin:  The key to winning our District championship game is locking up on D.

Question:  Who do you feel is the toughest player you may match up with in the playoffs?

Nigel Colvin:  I feel the that the toughest player that we may match up with This season is Mark Watts.

Question:  Are you happy with your season so far?

Nigel Colvin:  I am extremely grateful and happy with our season so far.

Question:  What are you looking forward to the most about the offseason?

Nigel Colvin:  In the off season, I am looking forward to getting better and showing how much better I’ve gotten.

Question:  What motivates you to be the great basketball player that you are?

Nigel Colvin:  I am far from great but what motivates me to be the greatest basketball player that I can be are those who believe in me that help me to be better every day and those who are no longer with me , that seen the potential in me.