Posted On: 03/20/18 4:49 PM

Jordan HS Senior Guard Jaylen Richard: Overall for the season he finished averaging over 27 points per game and was a player that his team looked to as a leader in a major way.  He put up multiple 40 point and would average almost 20 a night in the playoffs with 21 Points vs Wakefield and 18 points vs Broughton.

Broughton HS Senior Guard Jalen Finch: The 6’2 Guard was solid for the team throughout the season and even in their final game he put forth a nice effort with 18 points, 5 Rebounds and 4 Assist in a loss to Heritage HS.

Overhills HS Junior Guard Zavian McLean: His final stats on the year are 23 points, 6 Rebounds and 3 steals, clearly he is a player that his team depended on for a high amount of production this year and the playoffs were no different. In their second round matchup against Knightdale HS his team would come up short but he did all he could and would finish with 36 points.

Panther Creek HS Junior Wing Justin Mckoy: Every since the first time we got a chance to see him play as a middle schooler he brought a very mature demeanor to the game and its carried on to high school. This season he averaged 21 points and 9 rebounds for his squad, we can expect him to have a bigtime spring and summer grassroots season.

Green Hope Junior Wing P.J Fenton: The Junior stepped up for his team during playoff time going for 21 points in the first round matchup to advance. He understands how to use his height to the score the ball well inside and will be a go to guy for Green Hope next season.

Heritage HS Senior Forward/Center Jayden Gardner: If you were a person that took stats for Heritage HS this season, you could mark him down for a double/double before the game even starts. The ECU signee was a monster on the boards, blocking shots and scoring the ball throughout this year which helped his team reach the state championship game.

Millbrook HS Senior Guard Jabari Brown: Quite a few times he may be one of the smaller players on the floor but his impact on the game can’t be measured. He runs the PG spot very well, communicating with teammates and coaches throughout as well as playing with a high amount of energy and confidence.