Posted On: 03/13/18 6:31 PM

Southern Durham HS Senior Guard Jomaru Brown: Brown is a scoring machine, and a player that should make an early impact at the next level. He has the lethal mixture of scoring ability, strength and quickness, and is a very difficult player to slow down once he gets it going.

Westover HS Junior Guard Thomas Hendricks: With the way that Westover plays, it’s hard to single out one player that stands out above all the rest. However Thomas had his fair share of impressive performances including a first half vs Southern Lee where he was absolutely on fire.

Southern Lee HS Junior Guard Phillip Martin: Whenever you see a team play a box in one defense on a player, then you know he’s the real deal. In the sectional finals Phil faced this form of defense but still found ways to make an impact, he a knock down shooter that doesn’t need much space to get his shot off.

Eastern Guilford HS Senior Wing Jaylen Alston: 25 points, 12 Rebounds and 4 steals and 2 blocks per game pretty much describes what he brings to the table. He can do a bit of everything on the court and has impressive athletic ability to go along with a nice skillset.

New Hanover HS Senior Point Guard Freddie Taylor: He’s another player that has played in a high amount of game due to the fact that he has been on the floor at the varsity level logging heavy minutes since his sophomore season. He defends at a very high level, has one of the quickest crossovers in the state and does not back down from any challenge. 

New Hanover HS Senior Guard Romello Williams: In one of the biggest games of the year for his team, he came up bigtime putting on a scoring exhibition in the 2nd half to help his team advance

Eastern Guilford HS Senior Guard Montez Venable: When Alston went down with an injury during the Regional Championship game, he stepped up and put on a show. He would finish the game with 39 points, turning plenty of heads and helping his recruitment stock raise nicely.