Michigan Homeschool All-State Team


Posted On: 03/2/18 6:00 AM

The Michigan homeschool basketball season comes to a close this Saturday with the title game at Carson City-Crystal High School. About twenty teams competed in the homeschool league this year, varying greatly in their levels of competition and talent. However, from among the many players and teams that field them, there stand out five individuals chosen to represent the league in the All-State team. These five standouts are listed below.

Luke Maranka – 6’8 – SF – 2019 (Hoop Heaven)

A prospect who has been gaining attention, Maranka is easily the highest projected, if not also the most talented, homeschool player to come out of Michigan in recent years. He leads his Angels with 15.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 2.7 blocks while shooting 51% from the field and 33% from beyond the arc. Historically, he has played a lot on the outside where he is a shooting threat. However, partway through the season, he began to play more on the inside, either in the high- or low post positions. From the high post, he has proven able to shoot, distribute, or drive, and, once he is at the rim, his length makes him very difficult to contest. Maranka is currently receiving interest from a number of D2s and low- and mid-majors.

Gabriel Farrell – 6’6 – PF – 2018 (Hudsonville Homeschool)

A “truer” post player, Farrell spends most of his time on the block where he scores with a drop step off an entry pass. Standing a couple inches above most homeschool opponents, his height is often sufficient to dominate down low. Like Maranka, he also may find himself at the high post. Here, he can break down defenses by distributing to outside shooters. In addition to his low-post scoring, he has a jumper from eight to twelve feet that he pretty rarely takes but can be deadly. He leads a balanced-scoring team with 12.6 points and 9.2 rebounds.

Louis Irrer – 6’3 – SG – 2019 (St. Johns Homeschool)

Irrer is an experienced player and a pure scorer. He has been a leader for St. Johns for a number of years and often carries them with his contributions. His shot from deep is clean and consistent; he may be the best homeschool shooter in the state. Because of this threat, he also has that of the drive. While not extremely fast, he does have some speed and a quick first step to beat defenders. Once at the rim, he can put the ball in in a variety of creative ways which makes him difficult to stop and truly a two-way scorer.

Maximilian Ehinger – 6’2 – PG/SG – 2019 (Christ the King)

Ehinger is similar to Irrer in that he poses a dual threat of driving and outside shooting. Though he does not have Irrer’s consistency from beyond the arc, he has a quick release and can cause a lot of damage fast if he gets hot. Off the dribble, he can beat defenders with his change of pace and explosiveness. He is fast attacking downhill and likes to finish at the rim. He is also capable of putting up big numbers, including a thirty-point performance against Hoop Heaven.

Noah Menzel – 6′ – SG – 2018 (Capital Homeschool Athletic Program)

Menzel represents the general nature of his team well: confident, guard-heavy, and dangerous from outside. The lefty is a great outside shooter with a quick release that can never be left open. He also handles the rock confidently and makes few mistakes off the dribble. Finally, his offensive contribution is complemented with a nice touch in the midrange. He can hit the floater from a variety of angles, with or without the backboard. On the defensive end, he is smart and aggressive, helping, trapping, and getting steals.