Posted On: 03/28/18 8:00 AM

The Division One State title game was loaded with adrenaline in the electric atmosphere. With talented individuals showcasing thundering dunks, lockdown defense and everything in between, these are the players that were able to shine the brightest in an effort to help their teams achieve something historic.


Nathan Robinson (Las Lomas) , 6’4, 2018

As always, the Quiet Storm did a good job of letting the game come to him. He found success scoring on smaller guards in the post where he was also able to get to the foul line for easy points. The threat of his shooting prowess allowed him to attack the lane and find open teammates. Defensively he doesn’t take play skills off as he guards multiple positions with length, toughness, and savvy awareness.


Onyeka Okongwu (Chino Hills), 6’9, 2019

The most dominant force in the game, he buried defenders under the rim for easy finishes despite tacking multiple hits on his way to converting. His high motor makes him a great rebounder and elite shot blocker by altering the shots he isn’t able to send to the bleachers. He also shows great defensive flexibility by being able to switch onto guards in the pick and roll a shot well as trap or hard hedge the opponent.


JT Estes (Las Lomas), 5’10, 2019

The sparkplug of the group gave his team much needed production and was an impact on both ends of the floor. He did all of the little things that’s made a difference from taking charges and rebounding. The toughness and intensity he plays with began to rub off on his teammates as the game reached its end. The timely scoring boost he provided made a huge impact.


Andre Ball (Chino Hills), 6’7, 2018

An absolute monster of an athlete that puts fear in the hearts of opposing defenses everytime he takes off in transition. His length and motor allowed him to catch several lobs for some impressive dunks. When he wasn’t above the rim he showed an ability to rip past defenders to get to the rim as well as an ability to knock down the midrange jumpshot.