Most Intriguing Prospects: Andover Central v Rose Hill

High School

Posted On: 03/2/18 11:55 PM

Andover Central jumped out to a huge lead, thanks in part to a huge first quarter by Xavier Bell, leading the Rose Hill Rockets 18-4 with 2:30 left in the first quarter.

Andover Central would never look back taking a 49-17 lead into halftime and playing reserves for much of the fourth quarter before going onto beat Rose Hill in the 4-A D1 semi-final game.

Andover Central- 78 Rose Hill- 49

Xavier Bell (2020)– Andover Central

Xavier Bell was absolutely electric in this game. In about three quarters of play he was able to rack up 25 points for Andover Central as they cruised to victory.

Xavier displayed great control and ability in transition while Andover Central was trapping Rose Hill in the half court. Xavier is exceptional at the rim finishing versus contact as he remains under control with his chin on the rim.

While Rose Hill was in a 1-2-2 zone tonight Xavier also picked that apart, showcasing his midrange ability.

To take his game to the next level, Xavier needs to be more consistent defensively, as he would seem disinterested at times both on and off the ball.

Koby Campbell (2020)Rose Hill

Koby is the future of Rose Hill basketball. This 6’2” guard was able to get into the paint virtually every possession but was often met by help defenders from Andover Central.

Koby struggled with his decision-making once the defense converged but ended with a team high 13 points. He will continue to be the focal point of this team as most of the offense ran through him.

Braden Belt (2019)Andover Central

Braden is one of Andover Central’s threats from beyond the arc. He saw success tonight with his ability to catch and shoot which proves particularly valuable once Xavier Bell penetrates the defense.

All of Braden’s 15 points came from beyond the arc, hitting five 3-pointers tonight. At 5’10” Braden could have more difficulty getting his shot off on longer defenders if they’re not in a zone or help defense.

Dylan Sapp (2018)Rose Hill

Dylan had a mediocre start to the game but finished strong. Finishing with 11 points, Dylan has the strength to get separation near the rim and finish, displaying good touch with his floater multiple times.

He was able to get into the teeth of the defense and made good decisions utilizing a two foot jump stop nearly every time.

Easton Leedom (2019)Andover Central

Easton had a quiet night, only scoring 10 points on a season average of 15 but provided more than enough to ensure Andover Central did not have to worry.

Easton displayed a good ability to catch and shoot and although he is not explosive in nature, has sound footwork. Easton did an exceptional job on the defensive end, talking on and off the ball and helping direct teammates appropriately.

Dalton Rapp (2019)Rose Hill

Dalton had a tough game against Andover Central, appearing frustrated early with the pressure defense that he faced as well as the ease in which Andover Central scored.

However, the 6’3” junior forward settled in and neared his season average of ten points, ending with seven. Dalton has an athletic frame and consistently boxes out on the defensive boards but cannot rebound out of his area very well.

Ian Liechti (2019)Rose Hill

Ian will be a very important role player next year for Rose Hill and help fill the void that Dylan Sapp will be leaving after graduating. Ian plays with a ton of passion and energy and displayed success in rebounding the ball tonight both offensively and defensively.

At 6’4”, Ian has the potential to be able to guard multiple positions but needs to add some weight if he wants to be able to effectively guard bigger players next year in the post.