Posted On: 03/28/18 12:15 AM

Francisco’s Finest: Class of 2018 (Best Prospects)

Summary: The Class of 2018 doesn’t have that sure-fire prospect like a Lonzo Ball or a Marvin Bagley per se, but it does have a collection of prospects that have the upside to be significant contributors at the High-Major level. The length and athleticism are evident, but each has an area of the game they need to improve upon—that which will be exhibited in this report.

Devonaire Doutrive (Birmingham)

2018, PG, 6-foot-4, 170 pounds

Are point guard duties the future for Doutrive?

Joel’s Take: Doutrive is blessed with length, athleticism, and savvy. His ball handling is tight and slick (high-level crossover) as well as his passing prowess. He can deliver nifty assists with either hand and his vision is impeccable. This jack-of-all-trades guard has some Delon Wright (Toronto Raptors) in him, but the key of his development will be the improvement of his jump shot and playing with a high-motor at all times.





Shareef O’Neal (Crossroads)

2018, PF, 6-foot-9, 200 pounds

O’Neal has all the physical tools to be a great college player

Joel’s Take: O’Neal, son of that behemoth of a man that hammered down thunderous dunks while leading the Lakers to three NBA Titles back in the day, has some talent of his own. The younger O’Neal is not a dominant interior forces, but he is ultra-bouncy, has a terrific frame, and he can knock in jump shots out to 23-feet. If his willingness to rebound and develop any type of inside game improves, his upside is immense.





Taeshon Cherry (Foothills Christian)

2018, PF, 6-foot-8, 220 pounds

Joel’s Take: Cherry is arguably the best prospect in the class considering his combination of shooting touch, frame, and athleticism. He excels in transition, has a feathery shooting touch out to 23-feet, and he isn’t afraid to bang inside. He needs to work on his ball handling to take his game to another level, but overall he is a talent. His recent expulsion from school brings up some definite concerns going forward, but hopefully Bobby Hurley will help Cherry fine tune that area of his life.

Fred Odhiambo (Alemany)

2018, C, 6-foot-11, 215 pounds

Joel’s Take: This one is definitely a projection pick as Odhiambo is definitely a project. Odhiambo is a sinewy “big” who runs effortlessly, has outstanding feet for a big man, and he’s arguably the No. 1 shot blocker in the West. However, despite his effort, his production levels need to elevate for him to reach his potential. Offensively, he doesn’t possess much more than a dunk and his fundamentals need refining (needs to bend knees and play wide on the block).

Andre Ball (Chino Hills)

2018, WF, 6-foot-7, 180 pounds

Joel’s Take: There a bunch of categories that Ball could have been apart of when putting these topics together. The willowy wing-type has improved his jump shot and his explosiveness is awe-inspiring. He needs to improve his ball handling and mid-range skills, but his upside is quite good.

Bryce Hamilton (Pasadena)

2018, SG, 6-foot-4, 190 pounds

Hamilton can flat out score from all three levels.

Joel’s Take: There must be something in that Hamilton gene pool that signifies scoring. Like cousins Jordan, Isaac, and Daniel, Bryce is a bonafide scorer himself. The chiseled lefty, who doesn’t turn 18 until the Fall, can score inside and out. His jump shot has a bit of a hitch in it, but he has quick 1st step, can score through contact, and he possesses that scorer’s mentality. His ball handling (right hand, specifically) needs to improve to continue to keep defense’s honest while guarding him.