First Look: Indy Heat EYBL 2021


Posted On: 03/29/18 8:37 PM

With the end of the high school season fast approaching, we began our AAU previews at the start of March and now we have begun the look at rosters. Rosters and teams are starting to take shape and we are getting more and more everyday. This one, is a look at Indy Heat 2021 coached by Kim Felder.

Prospect HT POS Class High School
Jalen Blackmon 6’1 PG 2021 Marion
Jayden Brewer 6’4 SF 2021 Avon
Khailieo Terry 6’4 SF 2021 Champaign Central (IL)
Luke Goode 6’4 SG 2021 Homestead
Pierce Thomas 6’5 SG 2021 Brownsburg
Brett Bosley 6’5 SF 2021 Paoli
Brent Walker 6’7 PF 2021 Huber Heights Wayne (OH)
Kalen Etzler 6’8 PF 2021 Crestview (OH)
Caleb Furst 6’9 PF 2021 Blackhawk Christian

Roster Breakdown: With this group, you have some of the most talented players, not just in Indiana, but the entire country. Jalen Blackmon, Pierce Thomas, and Caleb Furst are national level recruits pretty quickly here and they might not be the only ones.  This group also has a ridiculous amount of size. With five players taller than 6’5, there is a ton of size.  You just don’t get that at this age level and that combined with the top three players on this team and this should be a group that finds a lot of success this summer.

Guy You Have To Watch: Jalen Blackmon (Marion)

There is obviously a lot of name value in Jalen but he’s more different a player than his older two brothers.  He’s much more of a true point guard but he is willing to put up some long threes. As the summer goes on, he will likely be the guy you will want to watch because of his ability to put up points in a hurry.

Best Bet To End Up Breaking Out: Caleb Furst (Blackhawk Christian)

When looking at the recruiting aspect of things, I think Furst will be the guy that draws the most early attention. Size matters and he has it and is developed enough to get college coaches to bite quickly. He’s going to dominate other players his age because he’s so much further along physically and with his skill.  Best bet to have a big summer.

Who Should Be Watching: HM-LM

It is still early for most of these guys but they will be drawing the attention of colleges because of those top three players we mentioned earlier.  Small school programs won’t mess around with this age level at all so you really only have DI programs but this is the best team in the state for the age group and there are more than a handful of likely DI targets to take a look at.

Date: Event: Location:
April 7-8 Minicamp Fort Wayne, IN
April 14-15 Minicamp Fort Wayne, IN
April 20-22 EYBL Dallas Dallas, TX
April 27-29 EYBL Indy Indianapolis, IN
May 4-6 Memorial Day Run-N-Slam Fort Wayne, IN
May 11-13 EYBL Atlanta Atlanta, GA
May 18-20 Minicamp Fort Wayne, IN
May 25-27 Memorial Day Classic Fort Wayne, IN
July 6-7 Minicamp Fort Wayne, IN
July 12-15 EYBL Peach Jam N Augusta, SC
July 19-22 Brawl for the Ball Grand Rapids, MI
July 26-29 GRBA Championhsips Fort Wayne, IN