First Look: Indiana Elite Fastbreak 2019


Posted On: 03/28/18 10:41 PM

With the end of the high school season fast approaching, we began our AAU previews at the start of March and now we have begun the look at rosters. Rosters and teams are starting to take shape and we are getting more and more everyday. This one, is a look at Indiana Elite Fastbreak 2019 coached by Everett Blackmon.

# Prospect HT POS CLASS High School
Max Newman 6’9 C 2019 Monrovia
Wendell DeMyers 6’3 SG 2019 Traders Pointer Christian
Zach Rinehart 6’7 C 2019 Avon
Manuel Brown 6’0 PG 2019 Indianapolis Scecina
Jackobie Robinson 6’7 PF 2019 Warren Central
Jesse Bingham 6’6 SF 2019 Warren Central
JP Carroll 5’10 PG 2019 Lawrence North
Jared Hankins 6’4 SG 2019 Lawrence North
Keith Rupert 5’10 PG 2019 Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
Jalen Johnson 6’9 PF 2019 Indianapolis Manual


Roster Breakdown: There is a ton of talent on this roster. There are a few wings who can stretch it out and there are guards that can shoot the ball. A few of these guys just broke out in a big way this past year so this roster is very, very solid. Not much of a weak link anywhere on this team unless it turns into a team that gets out and runs.

Guy You Have To Watch: Jared Hankins (Lawrence North)

Hankins is really starting to come around after breaking out last summer. He put up a few games this past year with some big numbers and he is beginning to shoot the ball really well. He’s receiving some D1 interest, so look for that to start to become an even bigger presence. He’s a leader on the floor so watch for him to take over some games this year.

Best Bet To End Up Breaking Out: Max Newman (Monrovia)

Newman is kind of already breaking out, but no one really knows of him yet since he goes to Monrovia. He put up some monster lines this year and is a guy who can play on both sides of the ball very effectively. He is a big bodied guy who can handle the ball and can break a guy down on the low post. This summer we would like to see him improve his lateral quickness and the ability to go both ways in the post.

Who Should Be Watching: LM-NAIA
All of these guys are really, really good and could step in right now and help a college program. There are a few wings and forwards who will be highly sought after at the D3 and D2 levels. This team here could have a lot of D1 programs chasing them from gym to gym though. While not all of these guys are D1 players right now, some could be by the end of the summer.