Fab40 Camp Standouts: Guards Part 1

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 03/28/18 1:38 PM

Kerr Vance Academy Unsigned Senior Mike Bowers: Throughout the season he has been known for his scoring ability but we saw another side of Mike during this event. He showed that he could run a team, and did a good job of getting his team into their sets as well spreading the ball around to the entire squad. On the defensive end he brought the intensity that you love to see, he was constantly applying pressure and speeding up the oppositions guards.

Hunt HS Unsigned Senior Guard Jeremiah Ganaway: Out of all the players that were in attendance, he was probably one of the players that people knew the least about. What we found out quickly is that he is very athletic, in an up-tempo style of game he excels and he plays the game with an edge, he had one of his better games in the final game of the day.

New Life Christian Sophomore Reggie Walton: He was solid in the games he played, on the defensive end of the floor he played with a nice level of intensity and constantly applied pressure. Offensively he looked to get others involved and played very unselfish, he didn’t take many shots but the ones he took were high percentage.

Rocky Mount Prep Unsigned Senior Khalil Baker: If you watched him this season then you know that he can score the ball at a very high level, he averaged 20+ points and helped lead his team to regionals. Well in this camp setting we were interested to see how he would perform, and he was solid throughout the day once he got going.

Berean Baptist Academy Freshman Guard Kelton Battle: One of the younger players in the building, we knew things would be a bit challenging for him but he played through it. Playing with much older and more talented players like this will only help his game as time goes on, he’s one to keep an eye on.

Lumberton HS Unsigned Senior Guard Steph Lloyd: What you get from Steph can’t be measured on the stat sheet, he brings: leadership, defense, hunger, and maturity to a team as soon as he steps on the floor. Over the years he has been in a nice amount of battles so no situation is foreign to him at this point, he played very well and will be nice pickup for a college looking for a PG.