Posted On: 03/30/18 8:47 PM

Jacksonville HS Unsigned Senior Nijear Singleton: It’s no secret that he can score the ball at a nice rate, his high school numbers of over 20 PPG clearly show it. What you may not know is his ability to shoot the deep ball at a good percentage, he has a nice amount of confidence and doesn’t back down from any challenge.

New Hanover HS Unsigned Senior Freddie Taylor: One of the top performers at camp he helped his stock in a nice way, he plays the game with toughness and is one of the top ball handlers in the state. You can tell he has put in a lot of time on his game as he looks more polished and is more confident with shooting and knocking down jump shots.

Green Central Unsigned Senior  Donquez Davis: His ability to shoot the deep ball, handle pressure and defend quick guards, makes him a player that school on the next level should like. Taking a look at his high school teams record over the past few seasons you can tell that he knows how to win games and doesn’t get rattled in pressure situations.

South Central HS Unsigned Senior Tahj Riddick: He’s been overlooked and underrated for the majority of his high school career but he is a very talented player. Solid height, athletic ability and toughness are all attributes that he put on display and what we feel can make him a nice prospect overall.

Northside-Pinetown Sophomore Rashod Smith: His lack of height may scare some people off but if you watch him for a long enough amount of time, you will be able to see the talent that he posses. What we like most about his game is his passing, he sees plays before they happen and makes on point passes that defenders don’t have time to react to.

Trask HS Sophomore Jajuan Carr: His resume from this past season is very impressive and his play backs up all the accolades that he has received. You wont hear him say much but his game speaks loud enough to get the point across, he can score the ball with ease and gets where he wants on the court.

Lumberton HS Sophomore Jordan Mcneill: The upside of this youngster is clear, he does a lot of good things on the court and plays the game with a toughness that you don’t see from a lot of young players. Scoring wise he can score in multiple ways, he knocks down the deep ball but is more than willing to go inside the paint and mix it up inside with the bigger and older players.