Fab 40 Camp Names to Know!!!

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 03/28/18 1:24 PM

Overhills Junior Guard Zavian Mclean: Throughout the high school season he filled up the stat sheet and brought a high level of intensity to games. Well this camp was no different with him impacting the game in numerous ways,he was very valuable for his squad, in one game he flirted with breaking the camp scoring record of 23 points as he finished with 20 points. If you’re a college that is in the process of preparing your target list, then you should go ahead and put his name on the list without a doubt, Fayetteville State and Winston Salem State both have already dropped in to see him.

First Flight HS Sophomore Guard Dylan Blake: My suggestion to you if you’re attempting to guard this young man, would be to go ahead and try to defend him as soon as he crosses half-court. He has deep range on his shot and can knock down the trey ball with consistency, however he showed us a different side of his game during this event. Defensively he was solid and on the offensive end he didn’t just look to shoot but instead got other players involved, he’s an all-around player that schools should track.

Community Christian Junior D.J Atkinson: Overall he had a very nice showing and showed that he can do a bit of everything as he scored, rebounded, passed and got to the cup. He’s a very quick player and excels when the game is up-tempo or when he can push the ball and get his team into transition.

Grace Christian Unsigned Senior Guard Messiah Pankney: He’s the type of player that you can never tell if he’s having a good game or a bad game based on his demeanor. Efficient describes his game, he shoots a high percentage, doesn’t over dribble and picks his spots on the court very well, overall solid player and great kid.

Cape Fear Christian Unsigned Senior Guard Isaiah Tatum: Once the game began he got off to a nice quick start, getting into the paint and the gaps of the defense. He defends well and uses his strength and quickness on both ends of the floor to make plays, overall he was solid and had some colleges in attendance intrigued with him as a possible prospect.

Riverside HS Unsigned Senior Guard Jadakis Bonds: One of the best passers and on the ball defenders in the state, we knew he would have a very nice performance. His defense made things difficult for the players that he was matched up with and offensively he distributed the ball well. The next step for him is consistently knocking down the trey ball, if he adds that to his game then that will make him an even more dangerous player.