Class A State Tournament: Top 5 Players of Round 1

High School

Posted On: 03/9/18 1:30 PM

The first round of the Class A State Tournament in North Dakota provided a lot of excitement.  Who stood out the most? PHD gives our thoughts.

One. Josh Sipes of Bismarck Century.  While others had to fight to get through the first round, Josh Sipes made sure that the first state contest would go his team’s way.  Sipes went at the cup for 11 field goals and 11 rebounds before getting an early seat for Century in their first round victory.  Josh scored an efficient 25 points and did it in a focused, hard attacking way that made sure that GFRR would have no chance of scoring a victory. Century faces Mandan next.

Two. Joe Pistorius of West Fargo.  Sure, Joe’s frustration of a non-call leading to a technical nearly cost his team, but in overtime he made up for it with a floater inside of one minute plus Joe scored 29 points for the game attacking the cup for 13 field goals.  Big Shot Joe, can we use that again?  When you score 29 in the state tournament and make a crucial shot in overtime you surely can. On to the next round. West Fargo and Sheyeene play in the other semi-final.

Three. Kemal Hajric of WF Sheyenne.  Who needs the muscle?  Sheyenne needs the muscle and Hajric give it to his team.  Fourteen points muscling his way to the finish, 14 rebounds controlling the paint on both ends, and six assists moving the ball out of his strong post position for scoring cutters and feet set shooters.  Pound for pound the toughest in the state on the glass?

Four.  John Horgan of Jamestown. Last summer we watched Horgan make nine threes in a game which put him on our radar.  Making seven threes in a game at the state tournament?  That puts you on the state wide radar.  In addition, Horgan attacked the basket for scores too including a big And1 late in the contest.

Five.Trae Steckler of Mandan.  Trae Steckler does what his team needs him to do and the Braves found him most useful catching against Shanley near the rim and over powering his opponent for constant scores in a 15 point win.  Steckler scored nine field goals in the point earning 23 points and the best part was the way he found his way to position, held it, and then proceeded to dissect.


Next 5.

Marshall Walters, 6-6 Jamestown junior.  With 17 points and 14 rebounds Walters had a memorable state game putting up a double-double.

Abdi Sufi, 6-3 West Fargo senior. Sufi’s late game put back put the game away for West Fargo.  He had 22 for the game including a pair of treys.

Luke Kambeitz, St. Mary’s senior.  Luke hit four threes and scored 20 points with five assists as St. Mary’s pushed Sheyenne to the end.

Kade Amundson, Century 6-6 senior.  Kade touched the ball early and often scoring on four of the first six Century scoring possessions for his 13. Amundson established the paint quickly leaving no doubt for his team.

Elijah Klein, Mandan 6-6 sophomore.  Klein was as big of a part of Mandan’s paint dominance as anyone.  He scored 17 points and collected 13 rebounds while constantly having an edge in position.