Class A State Tournament: What You Need to Know

High School

Posted On: 03/14/18 8:50 AM

The full slate of Class A State Tournament basketball gets underway on Thursday at noon, Mountain time! Here are some key items of interest you will want to know before Tip-Off of the first game.

PHD State Rankings: 1) Sioux Falls Christian, 2) Madison, 3) Sioux Valley, 4) Tea Area, 8) Dakota Valley, NR – Crow Creek, Pine Ridge, Red Cloud

SDHSAA Seeding: 1) Sioux Falls Christian, 2) Madison, 3) Sioux Valley, 4) Crow Creek, 5) Tea Area, 6) Dakota Valley, 7) Pine Ridge, 8) Red Cloud


The Match-Ups:

SF Christian (22-0) vs Red Cloud (19-4):  SF Christian is 4-0 vs the state tournament field this year bearing Madison 75-63, Tea Area 60-57, Dakota Valley 94-68, and Sioux Valley 76-69.   Red Cloud is 1-0 vs the state field this year beating Pine Ridge 64-57.

Crow Creek (20-3) vs Tea Area (17-5): Crow Creek is 1-0 vs the field this year beating Pine Ridge 79-77. Tea Area is 1-2 vs the Class A State field. Tea Area beat Dakota Valley 73-63 but lost to Madison 76-59 and lost to Sioux Falls Christian 60-57.

Madison (21-1) vs Pine Ridge (17-5): Madison was 2-1 vs the field this year beating Tea Area 76-59 and Dakota Valley 67-59 but losing to SF Christian 75-63. Pine Ridge was 0-2 vs the field losing to Red Cloud 64-57 and they lost to Crow Creek 79-77.

Sioux Valley (20-2) vs Dakota Valley (17-6): Sioux Valley was 0-1 vs the state field losing 76-69 to SF Christian. Dakota Valley was 0-3 against the state field losing to Tea 73-63, to SF Christian 94-68, and to Madison 67-59.


Top Player Match-Ups:

Gavin Schipper (6-3 Jr G)/Lincoln Unruh (6-1 Sr G) of SF Christian vs Russell Leader Charge (6-0 Sr G)/Alejandro Rama of Red Cloud (6-1 Jr G).  If Red Cloud is to pull off the upset over unbeaten SF Christian they first have to have their guards play with those of Christian, and then they will somehow need to avoid being outplayed in the frontcourt by Oppold and Goodbary, Tough task? Yep. But nobody said winning at state would be easy.

Joe Sazue III (6-1 Sr Guard) of Crow Creek vs Justin Hohn (6-1 Jr Guard) of Tea Area.  Sazue scores 23-24 points a game on 18-19 shots a game and half of those come from behind the arc. How Tea defends his all around attack will be interesting. They still have to contend with Josiah Blue Arm and Luke Wells around the basket but if Sazue is slowed Crow Creek is slowed. I would guess with Hohn’s size and agility he will see him some but there could be a few options from a deeper Tea squad trying to slow Sazue’s big numbers. Hohn plays so many roles for Tea that Crow Creek will have a tough time dealing with him, then they have to slow the state’s best junior Noah Freidel.

Aaron Fiegen (6-7 Sr Power Forward) of Madison vs Corey Brown (6-4 Jr Power Forward) of Pine Ridge.  The Thorpes have three guys at 6-foot-4 and they will be the biggest player that Pine Ridge can put on the future SDSU frontcourt player Aaron Fiegen. They will give up three inches and likely won’t be as agile as Fiegen either. That said, Corey Brown has been a double-double monster this year and will battle the Dogs giving everything he can.

Trevor Olson (6-4 Sr Guard) of Sioux Valley vs Jack McCabe (6-3 Sr Guard) of Dakota Valley.  Trevor Olson is a player that has expanded his game well over the past two years while McCabe is a guy that has had a great senior season forcing many in the state to take notice. McCabe has outplayed several that the powers that be thought were better than him, now he gets a shot at Olson and Sioux Valley. Olson is headed to Mount Marty next year while McCabe will play at Morningside.


Top Prospects

Top 10 Senior Prospects at Class A State:  1) Aaron Fiegen of Madison, 2) Trevor Hanson of Sioux Valley, 3) Koln Oppold of SF Christian, 4) Trevor Olson of Sioux Valley, 5) Jaxon Janke of Madison, 6) Jadon Janke of Madison, 7) Lincoln Unruh of SF Christian, 8) Jack McCabe of Dakota Valley, 9) Will Garnaas of SF Christian, 10) Chris Morales of Tea Area

Top 10 Junior Prospects at Class A State (no order): Noah Freidel of Tea Area, Justin Hohn of Tea Area, Kade Stearns of Tea Area, Gavin Schipper of SF Christian, Mitchell Goodbary of SF Christian, Alejandro Rama of Red Cloud, Corey Brown of Pine Ridge, Charlie Cox of Dakota Valley, Jayden McBride of Crow Creek