Class B State Tournament: North Dakota Quarters Five Best

High School

Posted On: 03/16/18 4:05 PM

Who is moving on?  HCV, Bishop Ryan, Carrington, and St. John.  Who led them to the next round? PHD breaks it down now.

Top Five Standouts

Kyler McGillis of St. John. Kyler takes over a third of his team’s shots meaning they put the ball in his hands trusting success.  And against Wyndmere-Lidgerwood they got it.  Against a defense game planning for him Kyler made 9 of 20 field goals for his game high of 21 points.  Pressure didn’t bother Kyler.  In fact, he applied pressure defensively and put together six steals igniting the running game for his team.

Dalton Prouty of St. John. Because Kyler is so good Dalton gets looked over at times.  That said the senior (Prouty) is equally as crucial to the St. John success.  His pressure defense helped cause turnovers including the five steals he put together.  Prouty made all six of his foul shots, nearly half of his 14 attempts, and scored 19 next to the Kyler 21.  They had 40 of their team’s 62.  Prouty is a  team tough guy, and a team member that will do what it takes.  He also grabbed seven rebounds.

Ben Bohl of Minot Ryan.  The junior guard has a lot of college eyes on him this week and game one went well.  Ben made half of his 14 attempts and made a couple threes leading to a game high 18 points.  It wasn’t an overwhelming performance but it was a business like day of production.  Shiloh Christian made their runs but Bohl did things to stop momentum.  Sometimes it was a score, sometimes it was a slow down , etc.

Carson Henningsgard of HCV.  The MVP of the day was Carson who had a 27 point game including a late game clutch foul shooting performance. He made seven of 13 attempts including three triples plus all ten of his foul shots.  The young man not only put up the numbers – that includes five assists – but Carson also performed like a leader is supposed to.  He took care of the ball, vocally led the defense, and made the clutch plays.

Garrett Bickett & Kolton Vetter of Carrington.  These two combined to lead Carrington over preseason number one Stanley.  Down the stretch Kolton Vetter had some huge scores while Bickett had a team high 16 points.  Most importantly they led an unselfish offense that swung the ball rapidly wearing Stanley’s big defense out and resulting in space for open attempts.  The veteran crew led their team to a controlled four point win.


Five More

Wyatt Hanson of Stanley.  The only reason Wyatt is here is because of article theme, and because his team lost.  But Wyatt Hanson scored 27 points on 12 of 25 shooting for the game.  Monster dunks, some foul shots, and six assists that could of been even more.  Wyatt also had 13 rebounds and gave his team a chance but a 6 of 24 shooting day from the non Hanson seniors hurt.

Aaron Bohnenstingl of Wyndmere-Lidgerwood.  The 6-foot-2 frontcourt senior finished the chances he had (4 of 5 shots, both foul shots), blocked a couple shots, moved the ball around the arc and out of the post for four assists, and grabbed a dozen boards before fouling out.

Macauley Young of Shiloh Christian. The big man scored on half of his dozen attempts, put up a state tournament double-double of 12 and 14.

Mason Hedberg of Bishop Ryan.  Hedberg, a 6-foot-1 junior, did not have a great shooting game but he did score 14 including a couple treys plus made seven boards.

Derek Ferebee of Beulah.  Derek had some trouble with the defensive positioning of his opponents which led to a tough day shooting but Derek made 7 of 10 foul shots and created shots for others leading to several assists.