Class B (ND) State Tournament: What You Need to Know

High School

Posted On: 03/14/18 1:22 PM

The Class B State Tournament is the jewel of basketball in North Dakota.  Packed houses each night with wild crowds and outstanding games.  Are you ready?  We get your ready with today’s preview.

PHD State Rankings: 1) Hillsboro/Central Valley, 2) St. John, 3) Bishop Ryan, 4) Stanley, 5) Wyndmere/Lidgerwood, 6) Carrington, 8) Beulah, 10) Shiloh Christian

Tournament Seeding: 1) Hillsboro/Central Valley, 2) St. John, 3) Bishop Ryan, 4) Stanley, 5) Carrington No Seed – Wyndmere/Lidgerwood, Beulah, Shiloh Christian


The Match-Ups/Previous Results:

Hillsboro/Central Valley (23-1) vs Beulah (20-4):    HCV has not played a state tournament team yet, Beulah played and defeated Shiloh Christian 83-77.

Stanley (22-2) vs Carrington (22-2): Stanley is 1-0 vs the state field having played and defeated Shiloh Christian 60-51. Carrington has not played a state tournament team.

St. John (23-1) vs Wyndmere/Lidgerwood (21-2): Neither team has played a state tournament team as of yet.

Bishop Ryan (23-3) vs Shiloh Christian (19-5): Bishop Ryan played and defeated Shiloh Christian early in the season 54-50.  Shiloh Christian has played three state tournament teams and they ‘ve lost to all three.


Top Player Match-Ups:

Carson Henningsgard (6-2 Soph G) of HCV vs Derek Ferebee (6-2 Sr G) of Beulah.  Carson is one of the better sophomores in the state of North Dakota while Ferebee is a guy Beulah leans on while maintaining their balance as a team.  HCV is a team with several experienced guys who remember their run last year but they are facing a Beulah squad with a number of very good seniors.

Wyatt Hanson (6-4 Sr Wing) of Stanley vs Garrett Bickett (5-11 Sr Guard) of Carrington.  These are the two stars leading the teams.  They will not face each other much but Stanley is explosive up front, Carrington has the better guards.  Who will be better?  Wyatt leading Kayden Hanson and the rest of the crew, or Bickett joining Kolton Vetter and Seth Nelson working their way to the next round?  Which ever top player has the more consistent game, his team likely wins.

Kyler McGillis (6-1 Sr Guard) of St. John vs Luke Foertsch (6-2 Sr Guard) of Wyndmere/Lidgerwood.  McGillis has made himself into a Player of the Year candidate while Luke Foertsch is a guy that can honestly say that he was under the radar.  Many think they are, but a guy like Foertsch scoring 19 a game and leading his team to state with a triple double performance of 27/10/9, he’s a guy that is making a name for himself. Should be a fun battle.

Ben Bohl (6-2 Jr Guard) of Bishop Ryan vs Jonas Mitzel (6-2 Sr Guard) of Shiloh Christian or Jaden Mitzel OR Anthony Vetter (6-4 Sr Power Forward) of Bishop Ryan vs Macauley Young (6-9 Jr Center) of Shiloh Christian.  Tough to pick one here.  Bohl is the up and coming excellent guard prospect from Bishop Ryan while Young is the rebounder monster gobbling up everything and having a great high low combo with Jaden Mitzel.  Vetter has the muscle to get after Young but gives up a lot of size.  Jonas Mitzel is the only senior on his team which gives him experience facing Bohl.


Top Prospects

Top 15 Senior Prospects at Class B State: 1) Wyatt Hanson of Stanley, 2) Kaedyn Hanson of Stanley, 3) Kyler McGillis of St. John, 4) Garrett Bickett of Carrington, 5) Luke Foertsch of Wyndmere/Lidgerwood, 6) Jonas Mitzel of Shiloh Christian, 7) Jack Camrud of Hillsboro-Central Valley, 8) Dalton Prouty of St. John, 9) Derek Ferebee of Beulah, 10) Cade Baesler of Hillsboro-Central Valley, 11) Anthony Vetter of Bishop Ryan, 12) Kolton Vetter, of Carrington, 13) Logan Miller of Beulah, 14) Wyatt Harles of Wyndmere/Lidgerwood, 15) Jacob Weigl of Beulah

Top Junior Prospects at Class B State (no order):  Ben Bohl of Bishop Ryan, Mason Hedberg of Bishop Ryan, Macauley Young of Shiloh Christian, Canaan Fagerland of Shiloh Christian, Rodrick McIntosh of Stanley, Evan Braaten of Wyndmere/Lidgerwood

Top Sophomores at Class B State (no order): Carson Henningsgard of HCV, Jaden Mitzel of Shiloh Christian, Landen Reed of HCV, Bradley Defender of St. John, Rhett Hanson of Stanley, Seth Nelson of Carrington