Class AAAA State Tournament: Top Performers

High School

Posted On: 03/22/18 10:27 PM

The Class AAAA State tournament semi-finals had fans on the edge of their seats and NHR was there to give you the key performers.

Austin Andrews of Eden Prairie, Sophomore. I’ve come away with such a respect for the way Austin competes. He’s a player that understands leverage and his feel for the carom falls in the category of special. The Andrews footwork and low post positioning are strong especially his step through after moving his guy.

Connor Christensen of Eden Prairie, Sophomore. Connor had state tournament double double of 11 points and 11 rebounds  and he continues to be everyone’s favorite the way he competes defensively. It sucks that he had to foul out blocking a guy out in the right way but he went out fighting. Conner is a plug in guy. Wherever you need him to play he will.

Tre Jones of Apple Valley, Senior. Jones   continues to struggle with his jumper  leading to a tough field-goal percentage but winners find a way to get their teams wins. Jones worked his way to the foul line for eight of a free-throw shooting leading to his 16 points. Tre also collected 11 rebounds and dished out seven assists. Down the stretch Tre made free throws, made a couple defensive plays, grabbed some boards, and made the right feeds to get the win.

Kyler Kluge of Eden Prairie, Senior. Kyler is the glue. The sophomores are talented and beyond their years, but Kyler is the glue. Vocal leader, defensive worker, and also a director for his team. Makes big shots but more importantly he’s a guy that a coach can trust on the floor and in the locker room to lead.

Zach Korba of Apple Valley, Senior.  When it comes to guys stepping up as role players this was the MVP. I feel like Korba spent half his game out racing people to opportunities. His 12 points were as crucial to the win as his effort was both ways.

Ryan Larson of CDH, Senior. What do you want in your PG? a guy that can score when you team is struggling to find a rhythm. Ryan did that with the double figures in the first half. You aso want your point guard to run your half-court offense smoothly giving your scoring options shots in rhythm in high percentage areas. Ryan did a lot of that in half two. Add in toughness and you have Ryan Larson. Six of nine shooting for 18 points with 7 assists and 3 steals.

Luke Martens of Apple Valley, Senior.  it was nice to see Luke hitting the jumpers he did. A few shots on the baseline and a couple three-pointers giving the Eagles another scoring option.  He’s a dependable defender but when he scores as well Apple Valley is in such a better way.

Daniel Oturu of CDH, Senior.  With 21 second half points Daniel Oturu led his team to the state championship with an aggressive, physical performance.  With physical low post turns and aggressive clears followed by a quick bounce to the rim Oturu scored crucial late game post baskets. Add in the late foul shots and a massive block and it was a dominant low post showing.  Oturu made 10 of 15 field goals for 24 points plus 12 rebounds and five blocks.

Tyler Wahl of Lakeville North, junior.  It would be easy to call him a jack of all trades but I feel like that sells Tyler short of what he truly did. The junior played another game at point guard showing off his ability to attack off the ball screen and his ability to move the basketball. Wahl scored an efficient 19 points, led his team in boards with 10, assists, steals, and blocks. High majors are starting to take notice as the skills are coming along. Defensively few are as good in position as he is Tyler has one of the best closeouts you will see.  It’s been great playoff run for Wahl.