Class AAA State Tournament: Top Performers

High School

Posted On: 03/22/18 4:20 PM

The first round of games in Class AAA wasn’t exciting but the semi-finals made up for it in a big way. NHR runs down the Thursday top performers.

Christian Dixon of DeSalle, Senior.  CJ has put together a nice finish to his season by doing a lot of the hustle work.  He’s been tough to deal with on the offensive glass (4 today)  and overall he scored 10 points with eight rebounds.

Duoth Gach of Austin, Senior. It took a little time  but is the game move on Duoth  knocked in for three-pointers and scored 17 points. He’s a shooter that  I can see having some big college numbers at the arc as it continues to grow and mature.

Quentin Hardrict of Columbia Heights, senior. The incredible March of Hardict continues as once again he controlled the halfcourt pace and attacked where he wanted to, when he wanted to. Scored 15 on 7 of 16 shooting plus dished out 7 assists and collected 7 boards. Had too many turnovers but made up for it with the game-winning steal.

Chris Kelly of Columbia Heights, senior. Kelly simply did his job. Hit the game winning foul shots and before that had nine boards and then 11 points.

Trey Longstreet of Delano, freshman.  Trey has a one dribble runner in the middle of the floor that seems to be his trademark. Trey hasn’t made a couple in every Delano game I’ve watched. Today Longstreet scored 10 points on 5 of shooting plus grabbed 10 boards.

Wendell Matthews of Columbia Heights, senior. The six foot-6 power forward was all over the glass on both ends. His late game putback three point play was crucial for momentum leaving the way to a 20 point and 11 rebound game. His second jump combined with his length is too difficult for most in high school to deal with.

Nyagoa Obany of Austin, senior. It’s too bad that the season is where it’s at now because I think this 6 foot five post was just starting to come into his own. He could be a player that really develops in college because his bag of tricks on the low block was just starting to be as good as most.

Derek Techam of Delano, Junior.  When it comes to Derek you know he is a shooter and he’s going to shoot well for your team. Derrick made three of those as his corner three pointer is as deadly as they come. What really caught my eye today was his passing,  both standing within the offense and after a dribble, and I thought he attacked with some quickness to beat rotating defenders for scores at the rim.  Derek had 13 points  on 10 shots with six assists  and four rebounds.

Tyrell Terry of DeLaSalle, junior. The nationally ranked point guard of the Islanders gave his team four three point makes plus shot 8 of 13 overall. Had four assists navigating  The Heights pressure from all angles. The biggest shot he made was a three at the top of the key showing off one of the purest forms in the state of Minnesota.  His jumper looks so good you just expect it to go in.

Calvin Wishart of Delano, Senior.   Calvin Wishart turned a big corner at the start of last July.  Then he turned another big corner when he came back from injury this winter. Georgia Southern is getting a steal as I fully expect him to have a huge freshman season. Calvin has grown into a strong mid-major  Player at the very least. Yes I believe there are some high majors he could play for, he’s that good. Calvin’s incredible run of the last six weeks continued today with 29 points, 19 rebounds, and seven assists. Wishart scored on 7 of 18 shots including five treys plus 10 of 15 foul shots for his 29. Rebounding wise his aggressive nature is just more than that of others and athleticly he’s way better than anyone ever gives him credit for.

Jarvis Wright of Columbia Heights, a sophomore.   Every time that his team needed a big shot it seemed like Jarvis was right there to supply it. His three second have three pointers were crucial to the victory and each one showed the confidence  needed to make the next one.  Jarvis scored three other buckets on the move and all of them seemed to come at vital times.