Posted On: 03/14/18 9:22 PM

This list is from the Class 6A State Tournament! Glue guys are the ones that are not featured but do everything they can to get their team victories!

Donovan Vickers 2020 Edmond Santa Fe Guard 

Vickers is just a fun player to watch. He plays hard and while he may not be a star, he does hit big shots for the Wolves. He is a solid shooter and is a pretty consistent shooter. He also does all the little things a team needs. He plays solid defense and attacks the boards well. The Wolves will need him to step up even more next season if they want to get back to the state title game.

Brandis Fender 2018 Norman North Guard

Fender is an athletic player that fits well with the Timberwolves. He as great chemistry with his teammates and earned his teammates trust with his work ethic. Fender is an athletic player whose athleticism brings a lot of variables to Norman North. He also brings a leadership aspect to the court that Norman North will moss next season.

Cole Robertson 2018 Norman North Point Guard 

Robertson is just a blue-collar player. He puts his nose down and works hard. He doesn’t complain and does what his teammates need from him. He finds the open man and does not turn the ball over very often. He leads his team by example and experience. While he did not score a whole bunch for Norman North he provided vital leadership throughout the year

Shayon Janloo 2019 Putnam City North Wing 

Janloo is often overlooked because of Putnam City North’s Talent, but he was vital for the run to the championship. He plays fast and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. He got better throughout the tournament and he did all the dirty work. He plays solid defense and attacks the rim and pulls away some boards. Janloo will be back next year and will take a bigger role to try to help the Panthers make another run at the title.

Jordan Flood 2018 Union Guard 

Flood is an underappreciated guard that does so much for the Union Redskins. On any given night he can take on the scoring load or he can play as a makeshift post because of his strength and stature. Flood isn’t flashy but he does the fundamentals right and gets a lot of boards for the Redskins. Flood was vital for this Union team that shattered a lot expectations for them this year. He provided leadership that will be missed in his void next year.

Matthew Price 2018 Sand Springs Guard

Price is an unselfish player. He plays with a lot of talented players and he does his part to get them the ball. He finds them when they are open and he can lead the Sandites on a fast break. He is athletic and when he is left open he can knock down the open shot. Price took some of the pressure off of Colt Savage and Davon Richardson and provided a spark on the offensive end that was needed for their run to state.

MJ Warrior 2020 PC West Guard 

Warrior is an athletic guard that fits perfectly in Putnam City West’s offense. He is fast and comfortable on the ball. He is a good shooter and knocks down big shots for the Patriots. He attacks the basket and can finish well at the rim Warrior played a good amount of minutes for Putnam City West and will be a big part of the future moving forward.