Posted On: 03/10/18 6:47 PM

Glue Guys are the players that may not have the most points or even the best stats across the board. However, they are the ones that keep the team together, do the dirty work, and ultimately play a large part in teams winning or losing.


Mark Berry 2019 Lawton Ike Wing

Berry gives Lawton Ike defense on the Wing with his length and versatility. Offensively, Berry could be a guy that averages closer to 10 points a game, but some night Lawton Ike does not need him to score. Berry had a great year I thought learning how to be a team-first guy. He is a talented player with a bright future. I think next year Berry will step into a much bigger role for Lawton Ike. This year he did a lot of the gritty tough work on the Wing. He won’t get a bunch of notoriety for what he did, but I certainly took note of how well he thrived in his role.

Shemar Walker 2018 Tulsa Memorial Point Guard

Walker is one of the best glue guys on this list because of his great skill set and team-first mentality. On Saturday Walker took home another Gold Ball with a tremendous all-around performance. Tulsa Memorial put the ball in the hands of Walker and trusted that he was going to make good decisions. Walker was the glue to the Tulsa Memorial team this year doing whatever they asked him to do to give his team the best chance to win. He is super quick off the bounce, which opens up things offensively. On the opposite end, Walker is a constant pest. Size limits the college projection of Walker with that said I expect him to end up at the NCAA Division II level in large part because of his glue skills.

Kavon Key 2020 Tulsa Memorial Wing

Key is a talented Wing that is starting to rise up the charts in the 2020 Oklahoma Class. What instantly stands out about Key is his physical stature as just a sophomore. At 6’3 with a broad build, Key is as strong as a bull. At Tulsa Memorial Key is not asked to be a scorer. They use him to play good defense and rebound on the Wing. The time will come for Key at Tulsa Memorial to be the guy, but as for now, he is dominating his role as a glue guy off the bench that shows up in the stat sheet a little bit of everywhere. Key is going to be a prospect to watch very closely this summer to see where his offensive game is truly at as it is hard to tell on such a talented Tulsa Memorial team with limited opportunities.

CJ Rice 2019 Northwest Classen Point Guard

Rice is up for the most improved player in the state of Oklahoma with the great season he had for Northwest Classen. When you look at the 6’3 Point Guards stat line it typically looks full across the board. He has improved his decision making and vision on top of learning how to be a team-first guy. Rice is fully bought into the system at Northwest Classen of being more than just a scorer, passer or defender. The key to Northwest Classen’s success is their guys buy into doing a little bit of each. Rice is a player NCAA Division II’s should keep tabs on this summer.

Elisha Brantley 2018 Booker T. Washington Point Guard

Brantley fits the definition of a glue guy so well it is crazy. At Booker T. Washington Brantley is called upon to come off the bench to compete on both ends. He gives the Hornets great defensive effort putting everything he has on the line. Although Brantley does not get a lot of opportunities on offense he makes the most of the ones he does get. Brantley would run through a wall for his team. The ability for him to handle the basketball has helped Booker T. Washington tremendously. Brantley should have some options at the small college level with his success over his high school career. It never hurts to have a good player that is a team-first guy.

RJ Fisher 2018 Lawton Ike Point Guard

Fisher was the go-to guy for Lawton Ike last year. Fast forward to this year he became the #2 scoring option and even at times the #3 guy. What makes him a glue guy are a number of things one of them being that he is so unselfish that in his senior year he was okay with sometimes being the third guy in scoring. He didn’t pout instead distributed the ball extremely well to teammates setting them up for success. Fisher also took pride in playing stout defense giving opponents fits. Next year Fisher will be attending the Air Force Academy and be playing football.

Jason Taylor 2018 Carl Albert Wing

Taylor had himself a showing in the playoffs providing his Carl Albert squad with a much-needed boost. Taylor gave Carl Albert a reliable Wing that could both score and defend. What made him a glue guy was his willingness to dive on the floor, go long stretches without getting shots yet still playing tough defense, and giving constant great effort.

Gavin Underwood 2018 Coweta Guard

Underwood gave Coweta a big boost with his handle, intensity, and scoring talents. Underwood may have played his last game on Thursday night, but he made sure he went out playing how he had all season. When effort plays were able to be made Underwood was the player doing everything he could to make them. Coweta will miss Underwood next season.

Issac Beverly 2018 Del City Wing

Beverly was the heart and soul of Del City this season. What you love about his game is he did not care how many points he scores, assists, blocks, or any stat for that matter. Beverly simply wanted the Eagles to win. He always gave all he had on both ends. Opponents had to gameplan for his versatility of being able to guard 1-4. He was not a great offensive talent, but when Del City needed him to step up and make big shots he came through. The leadership Beverly provided Del City with was off the charts. He will be missed next season as he heads off to pursue his football career at the college level.

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