Posted On: 03/31/18 12:04 AM

Jaycson Bereal- Boise State

Bereal is the player with the highest upside in the 2018 Class. He repeated proved his value for the Booker T. Washington Hornets this season as he could take over game with his abilities. He was often a mismatch because of his size and athletic ability which made it hard to stop Bereal from having his way. 

Trey Hopkins- Seattle 

Hopkins was one of the two players that put Carl Albert on their back. Hopkins often was quiet throughout game because of the attention that his teammate Mason Harrel brought, but he was vital for their success. Hopkins has good size and athletic ability and will be a good fit for Seattle. He has a solid shot from the perimeter and can attack the rim very well. 

Adokiye Iyaye- UTSA

Iyaye is a two sided player. He can dominate on both ends of the court as his defense often leads to easy buckets for himself or his teammates on the offensive end. Iyaye has active hands and is always forcing turnovers. He starred in Putnam City North’s run to the Gold ball. 

Mason Harrell- Texas State

Harrell is the best scorer in the state. He was picked as the Oklahoma player of the year and their is no question why. He has tremendous talent and if he did not lack size he could of gone almost anywhere in the country. Texas State got a player who can make an immediate impact. Harrell, despite his size, has found ways to score the ball at high rates and has put up huge numbers the entire year at Carl Albert averaging 33 points a game for the Titans.  

Kamron Brice- Butler Community College

Brice has a good frame and has been solid all year. He is a raw offensive talent and going the JUCO route will help he develop his skills to take himself to the next level. He is a very athletic Wing that at times showed a lot of potential to be really good. He found a good fit that will invest in him and his development in college.

Derrick Walter Jr- Oklahoma Christian

Walter is a good defensive player. He played his role very well for the Midwest City Bombers. He bought into their system and played hard team basketball. He is a player who is willing to do whatever the team needs and Oklahoma Christian found a hard worker who also can score the ball very well at times. 

Colt Savage- University of Central Oklahoma

Colt Savage is a player that drew the attention of the opponents defenses. He was often doubled throughout the year and that did not slow down his production. He has good size and has been hard to stop all year. He is a streaky shooter that when he gets hot is very hard to stop. He has the ability to take over games and showed it consistently for the Sandites. 

Braden Boyer- Arkansas Fort Smith

Boyer is one best bigs in the state of Oklahoma’s 2018 Class. He was on a very talented Broken Arrow teams and was often overshadowed. Despite that he played hard and did whatever his team needed him to do. He is a sneaky athlete who can come away with some electrifying dunks. He is a good rebounder and has good vision to find a quick outlet for the fast break. 

Jalen Crutchfield- Stetson

Crutchfield is a streaky shooter. He has good range and is athletic and fit in well with his Norman North team. At times throughout the season Crutchfield showed his ability to take over games. He can score in bunches and helped the Tigers reach the Class 6A State Semifinals. He plays hard and is a solid defender. He is a team player that does not try to do to much.