Charlotte Dragons Team Preview

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 03/22/18 2:11 PM

Charlotte Dragons 16u
Head Coach- Carl Baxter 
The Charlotte Dragons will a very big, long team with 7 of the 11 players 6″2- 6-5.  Look for the dragons to lock in defensively playing mostly full court man-man defense. Much needed athleticism to this years team will give the element we’ve missed in recent years. 9 of the 11 players comfortably shoot the 3 ball. This team has a core group of players who have played the last 2-3 years together and climbed the ranks. With several players playing Varsity as sophomore the maturity level far exceeds even what I expected as a coach. We’ll be challenged by athletic teams however, this years size will give his team a much different look. David Pino has a chance to be very special ( had one of those growth spurts you can’t ignore). Barrett Funderburk is a workhorse on the block with guard range from 3.
Players to Watch 
Kevin Kullick-#20 class (2020) 6″4 Forward/guard extremely high IQ on both ends, can score at 3 levels, very unselfish, to a fault at times. Comfortably handles the ball as a 3 transitioning to more of a guard this year. (Will earn his Pilot’s license in July!! Played Varsity as sophomore)
Barrett Funderburk– #4 class (2020) 6″4 Forward, range extends to the NBA level, defends the paint, rebounds, screens, talks (old school style) plays outside in on offense. As handle and athleticism  improves( just started dunking) should transition from 4 to 3. Matchup problem*** (Already academically qualified to attend 97% of colleges/universities as sophomore. Wears size 18 shoe! Played Varsity as sophomore D1/D2.)
David Pino (Charlotte Catholic High)- #1 class (2020) 6″3 Guard, very wiry strong. Defensive workhorse, defends best scorer/athlete  Pass first guard with ability skill/strength to score at will. Outlet passing is a major weapon. Went from 5″9-6″3 the past 8 months. Gym rat that has ambitions and work ethic to play professionally. (Father is 6″9 and played at USC) D1 athlete/academic moved up to varsity as sophomore) Maxed at 200LBs bench and 315 Squat (march 2018)
Jeb Lloyd– #2 class (2020) 6″0 Guard, 3 point sniper, NBA range quick release will shoot from anywhere in the gym. Physically limited(cross country keeps him lean) on the defensive end. Handles well enough to keep honest, plays off ball using screens and constant movement to get free. (Streak shooter that outscores his minutes.) D-2/D3 athlete. Academically D1.
Will Graham– #21 class(2020) 6″3 Forward, great hands, and touch up to 18. Developing 3 point touch. Cleanup guy, sets screens, and finishes off pick and roll crashes and cleans up the boards. Handle and skill for the 4/5. (D2/D3- natural athlete; undersized for post)
Jack Graham (Marvin Ridge High)– #35 class (2020) NEWCOMER- 6″5 Forward/Center LEADER early to the gym, eye contact, respectful to the game and talks exactly how a coach wants. Has nice touch and form up 18 ft. Raw with back to the basket (next level will play 3/4) Defends 3-5, Had major growth spurt over the year, adjusting to athleticism, need to continue hitting weights. work ethic matches College aspirations. Academically sound, gym rat. D2/ Small D1
Will Chambers- #0 class (2020) NEWCOMER 6″1 combo guard, lefty one of the quickest, explosive guard his size, needs to develop IQ (first year on circuit) to play PG at next level. Shoots it honest will also need to develop. Athleticism makes him defensive nightmare, needs to focus on IQ. (Brother plays professionally overseas. Pedigree is there. D1 athlete, academics and rawness will put him at D2-D3 level.
Addison Tarlton (Stanley County High) # 24 class (2020) NEWCOMER 6″3 Forward, spot up shooter, rebounds and defends. First year  seeing speed of circuit. Played Varsity as sophomore
Cole Mallory-(South Mecklenburg High) #12 class (2020) NEWCOMER 5″10 Guard, ideal pg controls tempo high IQ , shoots when needed, distributes, communicates. Average athlete extremely composed. D3-D2 level athlete.
Kevin McArdle- (Charlotte Catholic) #5 class (2021) NEWCOMER “6”4 Wing very long and wiry (freshman needs to hit weights). Shoots the 3 and has midrange/floaters will post. Need to adjust to contact around the rim and his game will take off. Ability/size allow him to score it against 1-5. (Once quarterback now all hoops.. as a freshman playing up he’ll be on everyone’s radar by summers end.
Kevin Dumser-(Charlotte Catholic) #11 class (2021) NEWCOMER 5″10 Point Guard slimmer frame looks like he’ll grow a few (toughest kid in any gym wing span is scary) plays safety on football and physicality translates. High energy, rebounds from the guard spot, scores it well from 3 levels. Average athlete (wingspan hides this). Always around the ball. (1 of 2 freshman playing on this team)