C.I.F. Regionals Finals: Standouts

Northern California

Posted On: 03/19/18 9:00 AM

From lockdown defense, to three point barrages and everything in between, the Regional Finals were the stage for several players to elevate their programs. With the season on the line, the areas best teams faced off in an incredibly loud environment with a chance to represent Northern California in the state title game. Here’s a look at the standouts of those wire to wire battles.


Xavion Brown (Sheldon, 6’1, 2020)

This is a rare mix of great athleticism and smooth body control. He has a gift for seemingly walking past defenders without having the need to go full speed. His court vision and handle are already highly developed and it’s scary to think how good he will be in his senior year.


Naseem Gaskin (Bishop O’Dowd, 6’3, 2018)

Taking arguably the most hard hits at the paint of anyone over the weekend, Naseem had a great night converting at the rim. He was a terror on both ends as he defended as well as anyone you’ll see followed by transition finishes and passing. He displayed his vintage footwork and ferocity all night long.


Nathan Robinson (Las Lomas, 6’4, 2018)

The quiet storm continues to torment his opposition. Using his change of speed to get to the rack, the game really opened up when he began to dial up threes from long distance while silencing the opposing fans. Going into the state title game, his play on both ends will be key since his versatility will be required.


Bryant Jefferson (Palo Alto, 6’4, 2018)

The physical bruiser was the man in the middle of his teams Princeton attack. With a great display of footwork and touch around the rim on display, he was able to attack and make his teammates better from the high post as the game opened up for him. His shots are tough to defend as he does a great job protecting the ball.


Justin Nguyen (Sheldon, 5’9, 2019)

A member of the shift team, good luck staying in front of this crafty floor general. A devastating stop and start off the dribble let’s him showcase his pull up jumper and finishing ability at the rim. But make no mistake, his vision and ability to set up teammates is what makes him a tough cover. He makes the game easier for his teammates on both ends of the floor with a composed presence.


Elijah Hardy (Bishop O’Dowd, 6’2, 2018)

The southpaw speedster was at it again with incredible dribbling to get to the rim. A tough shot maker and competitor who loves playing in tough situations. A blur in transition that forces teams to constantly backpedal. When he wasn’t running past defenders, he was throwing great skip passes around the floor.


Dale Currie (Sheldon, 6’1, 2018)

A very well balanced spin move allowed him to get into the paint at will. His size and handle allow him to bully defenders on his way to the paint. He shows great two way play by scoring, setting up teammates and guarding the other teams best wing with physicality and a strong desire to lock him up. A very tough competitor who is relentless for thirty-two minutes.