Posted On: 03/20/18 9:00 AM

Saturday’s games at Santa Clara university were as competitive as you can imagine. With each matchup going down to the wire, it was the play of key individuals that kept their teams dreams alive. Here are the unsung heroes from the C.I.F Regionals Finals.


Raymond Hawkins (Bishop O’Dowd), 6’8, 2019

The tallest dragon on the roster made his presence felt throughout the night. His shot blocking deterred drivers from the paint. A physical rebounder who runs the lane in transition very well. Get in his way and you may find yourself on a poster.


Dom Johnson (Sheldon), 6’3, 2018

This kid is an absolute pit bull. A physical driver who can really finish at the rim. Don’t let his size fool you since he has no problem throwing several crossovers your way. This pesky defender can provide a boost on both ends when needed.


Spencer Rojahn (Palo Alto), 6’4, 2018

The lengthy three point  sniper fits really well inside of the teams Princeton style offense. Very skilled at moving without the ball, he runs off of screens and makes great decisions when attack closeouts. His IQ was on full display as he made the right play as often as he was able to.


Blake Thorpe (Las Lomas), 6’2, 2019

A clinic on how to defend the interior and lead a defense from the back line. The blue collar post player guards the post as well as anyone you’ll  watch at this level  by always staying vertical and knowing when to front or deny the pass inside. His defense both on and off of the ball were huge for the knights.


William Chavarin (Bishop O’Dowd, 6’3, 2019)

The definition of instant offense, william can really fill it up in a hurry. Never one to shy away from hostile environments, he scores with ease as he helps his teammates with timely baskets. Being able to score inside and out, makes him a big threat. Stay on your toes guarding this one or it could be a long night.


Kaito Williams (Sheldon, 6’3, 2019)

The leaping lefty is always in constant motion on the floor. The athletic slasher energizes the arena with powerful dunks and feathery layups. When he wasn’t converting at the rim, he was being an aggressive trapper on the defensive end.


Iniko McNeil (Bishop O’Dowd, 5’10, 2019)

The jack of all trades specializes in versatility. Able to defend multiple positions as well as play several rolls on offense, he can fit any mold that the team requires him. His IQ and feel for the game make it easy to fit into a loaded cast of talented teammates.