Bryce Washington (2018): State Championship Q&A

High School

Posted On: 03/26/18 7:50 AM

Southfield Christian was loaded with talent. More importantly, there were players on the roster that knew what the goal was and how to reach it. Bryce Washington (2018, G, Southfield Christian) was a leader with a goal for this season. With a 64-54 win over Buckley, Southfield Christian and Washington reached the peak and took home a championship. We caught up to Bryce Washington to talk about Southfield Christian’s title and his basketball future.

Question:  What did your team do to prepare for the playoffs this year?

Bryce Washington:  Coach Baker molded us into a team. We were really good when we moved the ball and played help defense. We watched film on each team that stood in our way and developed a game plan that would get us a win.

Question:  What was the most exciting moment in your run to the title?

Bryce Washington:  When Coach Baker was finally handed the state championship trophy.

Question:  Who was the toughest player you matched up against?

Bryce Washington:  Micah McClain from Parkway was tough in the playoffs. He can shoot it from deep, can jump, and attacks the basket well.

Question:  What was the key to your teams success in the championship game?

Bryce Washington:  Everyone had to buy in to the game plan and know what they’re required to do. We had to “win our battle”.

Question:  Can you describe the way it felt when the final second ticked off the clock?

Bryce Washington:  It was surreal. I even sat there for a quick second before running onto the court.

Question:  What are you most proud of about your teams performance?

Bryce Washington:  Our team defense made me proud.

Question:  What was it like playing with a team with so many talented players?

Bryce Washington:  It was really cool. Different people could get hot at different times, so it was hard to stop us.

Question:  What are you going to miss the most about high school basketball?

Bryce Washington:  I’m going to really miss my teammates. We’ve developed a lifelong bond.

Question:  What is your next step in regards to school and basketball?

Bryce Washington:  I’m going to take a few more visits before making my final college decision. Regarding basketball, no days off for me. I’m on my way to the gym now. Championship was yesterday. I’m already working on my next one…