Best Rebounders at State in Class 5A


Posted On: 03/15/18 7:27 PM

This list is compiled of players who rebound the ball well from their positions. The majority on this list are Post players, but there a few Wings that made the list.

Antonio Gordon 2019 Lawton Ike Post

Gordon dominated the Class 5A State Tournament on the boards. He did not score the ball well in the semifinals, but he did not let that affect him on the boards. No matter how Gordon is playing you can count on him rebounding the ball well because of his constant effort.

Mo Wilson 2018 Northwest Classen Wing

From the Wing Wilson is the best rebounder in Class 5A. He seeks out the ball as soon as it goes up with every intention of bringing it down. Wilson is also a good rebounder on offense as he gave Northwest Classen several more possessions with smart basketball plays.

Kalib Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial Post

Kalib is the leading rebounder for Tulsa Memorial. He is best on the defensive boards making his presence known early and often. Don’t go to sleep and forget to box out Kalib or he will put you in the rim with a putback dunk.

Keylan Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial Wing

Keylan uses his length and wingspan to his advantage on the boards. The effort Keylan plays with is a big factor that makes Boone good rebounding as well. The hops of Keylan allow him to sky over opponents as well.

Jaycson Bereal 2018 Booker T. Washington Forward

Bereal’s athleticism is off the charts helping him to rebound the ball well. He appeared to lock in on rebounding as the year went on. Once Bereal took hold of his role as one of the primary rebounders at Booker T. Washington he produced well.

Andrew Keathley 2019 Coweta Post

Keathley is tough, strong Post that used his height and strength to rebound. He did a good job of boxing out the opponent to grab rebounds.

Ryan Gendron 2018 Bishop Kelley Wing

Gendron had a tough shooting performance, but that did not affect his rebounding. The best way to describe Gendron is a hard worker that fights for everything he can do to help his team.

Seth Hurd 2019 Booker T. Washington

Hurd is the best rebounder on the Booker T. Washington squad. He goes under appreciated a lot of times. You can count on Hurd to produce game after game. He does the dirty hard work in the paint and does not care if he gets recognition or not.

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