Available Unsigned Senior List Updates

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 03/15/18 2:56 PM

Hargrave Military 6’6 Wing DJ Myers: If you’re looking for high talent and character then look no further than this young man here. Over the years we have gotten to know him very well and he has only gotten better as time has gone on, with the coaching change at Longwood, he is back on the available board and will be a very nice pickup for a D1 program.

Southern Durham HS 6’2 Guard Jomaru Brown: Schools that missed out on him the first time around now have a chance to take another shot at securing his services. One of the attributes that stands out about him is his ability to score the ball with ease, he strong and crafty so once he gets into the paint it’s pretty much a done deal.

Kerr Vance Academy 6’ Guard Mike Bowers: During his junior season he put up some massive scoring numbers, however with the addition of Senior Guard Andreas Wilson this year he shared some of that scoring load but still had some bigtime games. He’s quick, athletic, and what we would call a natural scorer as it doesn’t take him much effort to score.

Goldsboro HS 6’6 Forward/Center Tyzhaun Claude: For high level D2 programs he would be a steal this late in the game. He has good hands, tremendous athleticism and very nice upside so you can see why we feel that he could be a very nice pickup for quite a few programs.

Green Hope HS 6’4 Wing Ryan Shaffer: Schools that are still looking to add a player that can flat out shoot it should take a look at him. He put up numbers of 18 points and 5 Rebounds a night while helping to lead his team to record of 22-6, he excels in catch and situations but can put the ball on the floor as well.

Westover HS 6’6 Forward/Center Edmund Scott: He’s still raw but is a player that could be a nice pickup for the right college program. Coming from Westover HS, we already know that he has been well coached and is mentally prepared for the work that he needs to put in.