Area Standouts from Cleveland


Posted On: 03/3/18 11:47 PM

Jace Pratt 2018 Sperry Guard

Pratt turned in the best performance of the day. Pratt is one of the best shooters in the state and he showed it. Pratt caught fire from deep and showed his confidence. He was pulling up from 25 feet and hitting his shots. Pratt would have had more but the Sperry teams could not seem to find him in the second and third quarter. Pratt finished with 27 points in the area consolation finals.

Deontre Price 2018 Millwood Guard

Price was the best player for Millwood is Area. He dominated attacking the basket for Millwood and finished well at the rim. He even showed a touch from the outside knocking down some big three-pointers for the Falcons. Price turned in a team-high 20 points on the night.

Isaiah Williams Millwood Guard

Williams is a sneaky good shooter. He flies under the radar for most of the game but continues to make his shots throughout the game. He is a consistent shooter and knocks down his shots when left open. Williams finished with 14 points on the night.

Jashima Deberry 2018 Sperry Guard

Deberry was the engine of the team. While Pratt played the starring role, Deberry played calmly and under control. Millwood fouled Deberry throughout the night and when the Sperry Guard went to the line he knocked down his free throws. Deberry finished the game with 18 points.