Adidas Classic Day 2: Top 2019 Players


Posted On: 03/26/18 8:24 AM

Day two of the Adidas Classic featured tournament play. On day one it seemed as though the top teams separated themselves but there were close games the entire day on day two. As stated in my recap of day one, it appeared that only three teams had a chance to reach the final and win and my favorite of the three, Team Tampa, eventually took home the  crown. Team Tampa defeated Team X-Factor in the championship game 77-61.


There were several good performances on day two but these guys took the cake:


Brain Dugazon – (Taylored Athletes) Dugazon is lightning quick! I didn’t see one guy stay in front of  him throughout their games. His quickness also allowed him to gamble on defense in which he had quite a bit of steals.


Delon Gooden – (Team Tampa) Gooden had a great day shooting. He consistently knocked down the long ball and in doing so he opened up the lane for his driving and his teammates as defenders tried to run him off his spots.


Inady Legiste – (Taylored Athletes) 6’6 Legiste controlled the paint in games. He posted hard, blocked shots, and rebounded well. He has a very nice jump hook that’s hard to defend.


Norris Taylor – (Team Tampa) Taylor is becoming a regular on my watch list. He simply gets it, whatever his team lacks he fills that void. Day 1 he was the facilitator, day two he was a scorer and rebounder.


Dakota Speed – (Team X-Factor) Speed rarely missed a shot on day two. He knocked down a three from any and every angle and it didn’t seem to matter how deep he was.


Andrew Johnson – (Team Tampa) Johnson is fun to watch because of the energy and passion he plays with. This kid is the ultimate teammate, I watched him cheer the entire time he was on the bench. According to teammates he’s a three point threat but what I noticed is his athletic ability. Johnson stands only 6’2 but took off for high flying dunks in traffic.