Posted On: 03/12/18 6:27 PM

While Olympus took home the 5A state title as everyone had expected, the 5A state tournament still had plenty of fireworks. Bountiful and Skyline both were able to pull off upsets in the first round while Bountiful was able to parlay that into a semifinal appearance.

Moreover, Corner Canyon put together a strong run that enabled them to make it to the state championship. With most of their talent coming back, much like Olympus, it looks quite possible that next year will feature the same two teams competing for the state championship.

Below are the top performers from this year’s 5A state tournament.

5A All-Tournament Team: MVP

Rylan Jones 6’1 PG 2019 Olympus

Jones is Mr. Consistent and always does the little things that enable Olympus to win games. Almost as impressive as winning the state title, Jones led this group to an undefeated season in which only 3 teams came within 10 points of them.

While this team had plenty of talent, Jones was the facilitator who got everyone involved. His ability to create for his teammates was at a level that was unparalleled by any player in the state this past season. Moreover, he brought that to the state tournament which was a key part of Olympus not only winning the state title, but doing it in as dominating a fashion as has ever been done before in Utah.

5A All-Tournament Team: 1st Team

Jeremy DowDell 6’3 SG 2019 Olympus

DowDell and Jones demonstrated once again why they are the best backcourt in the state. DowDell is a sharp shooter who is capable of scoring the basketball in an array of ways. While Jones is a terrific passer, without teammates who can score the basketball, he wouldn’t earn any assists. The scariest part about this dynamic duo is that they will be back next season.

Harrison Creer 6’5 SF/PF 2018 Olympus

Creer was the king of the dirty work all season for Olympus. However, his efforts did not go unnoticed due to the passing of Jones. Creer competed for space and on the glass at a high level. In turn, Jones gave him the basketball in spots where he could be successful. While Creer is not one of the guard duo, he will be a huge lose for this team.

Spencer Jones 6’5 SF/PF 2018 Olympus

Jones added another dimension to the toughness that is Olympus. Him and Creer were crucial to the success of Olympus this season. Jones has a number of big time games this year, including two double-doubles. Jones finished well in the paint, but also brought the team a consistent shooter from deep.

Hayden Welling 6’8 PF/C 2019 Corner Canyon

The 6’8 big man played some of his best basketball of the year in the state tournament. In fact, he averaged around 11 points per game for the entire season while he scored nearly 16.5 points per game in the state tournament. Plus, he had two near double-doubles. Welling has a huge upside and will make Corner Canyon a contender next season.

Gabe Toombs 6’3 SG/SF 2019 Corner Canyon

While Toombs was unable to get Corner Canyon its ultimate goal of winning a state championship, Toombs was solid all year and in the state tournament. He collected a double-double in the semifinals against Timpanogoes in order to move Corner Canyon to the championship game. Between Toombs and Welling, Corner Canyon should be extremely confident going into next season.

5A All-Tournament: 2nd Team

Matt Norman 6’4 SG 2019 Timpanogos

Tyler Walker 6’6 SF 2018 Timpanogos

Brig Willard 6’3 SF 2019 Bountiful

Andrew Clark 6’5 SF/PF 2018 Skyline

Spencer McKay 6’2 SG 2018 Viewmont

5A All-Tournament: Honorable Mentions

Cameron Chism 6’1 PG 2020 Bountiful

Josh Mordue 6’2 SG 2018 Viewmont

Max Watson 6’5 SF/PF 2018 Box Elder

Tyson Madson 6’6 C 2018 Box Elder

Taylor Zwick 6’3 SG 2019 East

Mikey Frazier 6’9 PF/C 2018 East (Boise State)