3 Things to Watch: 1A State Championship Preview


Posted On: 03/3/18 9:52 AM

The 1A state championship is here. Bryce Valley has managed its way to the state title game against region foe Panguitch. This should be an intense and fun match-up as this is the 3rd meeting of the teams. They should both be very prepared for the battle.

3 Things to Watch: 1A State Championship Preview

1. Region 20 has dominated the field

The only teams who have beaten a team from Region 20 in this year’s state tournament is another region 20 team. Piute took down fellow region 20 member by 1 in the quarterfinals which set up a region 20 semifinal between Piute and Panguitch.

Panguitch, who has been the favorite to win the state championship all year, won that game and moved on to the state championship. Bryce Valley, on the other hand, has not had to play anyone from region 20. However, the region champ will face Panguitch in the state title game.

This rematch features the #1 Bryce Valley and #2 Panguitch. While Bryce Valley earned the #1 seed, Panguitch swept them this season, but lost to Bryce Valley in the region tournament. In order for Bryce Valley to win it all, they will have to overcome their “giants” and find a way to upset Panguitch.

2. Key Match-ups

Bryce Valley:

Austyn Brinkerhoff is the top prospect to keep an eye on in this game. He is the leading scorer for Bryce Valley and the most capable of taking over this game. He is a capable shooter who also finishes extremely well around the rim. If he is able to get hot and get his teammates involved, Bryce Valley could pull off the upset.

In addition to Brinkerhoff, Easton Syrett will play a vital role. Bryce Valley is loaded with capable shooters and Syrett gets them involved. His ability to shoot, score, and create will need to be apparent for Bryce Valley to get the job done.


Jace Eyre is the primary part of the two headed monster that makes Panguitch go. Eyre scores the basketball in bunches and in an array of ways. In the two games that Panguitch won, Eyre scored 19 or more and had a double-double. In order for Valley to replicate its most recent success, they will need to find a way to limit Eyre.

Acey Orton is more than capable of taking over a game as well. He makes this the top backcourt in all of 1A and is capable of getting hot in a hurry. If Orton and Eyre get going early, they are more than capable of winning the state championship in a landslide. Bryce Valley will have their hands full.

3. X-Factors

Taten Leech has played consistent in all 3 of the games against Panguitch. In fact, he had a double-double in the 1st outing. Leech will need to play at a high level and provide a third scoring option that aids them in winning the rebounding battle in order for them to have success tonight. Leech will need to be the deciding factor for Bryce Valley.

Trevor Wolfley has provided a 3rd scoring option for Panguitch all year and has been the generator of the offense for Panguitch all year. He has a knack for putting guys in spots where they can be successful. He will need to manage the tempo of the game and get others involved in order for Panguitch to capture yet another state title.