Unknowns and Undervalued

Posted On: 03/18/18 9:38 AM

Photo Courtesy of Grassroots 365

As the academic school year comes to an end soon, many 8th graders are in the position of trying to develop as much as they can in order to be well prepared for high school next season. There is a lot of excitement around the class of 2022 in Northern California, and many people believe that this will be a very loaded class. It can always be difficult to rate kids at an early age but here are a few 8th graders in Northern California that many people should keep an eye on.

Devin Day – SG 6’0′

Day is a great shooter who does a good job of moving without the basketball and is an underrated slasher. He will be a really good player at the high school level because of his work ethic and great shooting ability. He can easily be one of the best players in Northern California in his class if he isn’t already.

Aidan Mahaney – PG 6’0′

Mahaney plays the game like a varsity player already. His IQ and his skill set are extremely high, and he has a nice long athletic frame for his height. Expect for Mahaney to be one of the top guards around over the next few years.

Ron Jones – SF 6’4′

Jones is a great athlete with great size at a young age. He runs the floor well, is a good solid rebounder, and is continuing to improve on the offensive end.

Jaylen Thompson – SF 6’4′

Thompson may be the most intriguing 8th grader in Northern California because of his excellent basketball size to go along with his skill set. He could be the face of the 2022 class in Northern California if he continues to develop his all-around game. His growth will definitely be something to keep an eye on.

Jordan BoBo – SF 6’5′

Bobo will be a household name not just because of how catchy his name is but by his tremendous upside. He is 6’5′ with guard-like skills and has potential to be a great defender. He will be one of the top players out of the Sacramento area over the next few years.

Jadyn Marshall – SG 6’1

Marshall is a big-time scorer with a killer instinct and wants to be the best guard around. His mentality and competitive spirit keep him hungry and in the gym. Marshall is another great talent in the Sacramento area that more people will get use to hearing about.