2021 Spring Preview: Top Sleepers


Posted On: 03/6/18 6:32 PM

The spring is now just about here and we are spending time over the next month preparing and previewing all you need to know about the 2021 class as AAU gets ready to get going.  We will breakdown many areas with not only position breakdowns but the best of the best. Today, we are looking at those top sleepers in the 2021 class.





Kooper Jacobi



Silver Creek

Ronald Johnson



Park Tudor

Trevor Taylor




Silas Bauer




Jacob Moynihan



Seton Catholic

For us, the difference between breakouts and sleepers is that sleepers might take a little more time to develop here and might not even be on the radars of some. The same outcome could still be in play as they completely breakout this summer but these are deeper prospects that need to get a better look.

Kooper Jacobi is among the guys that have been under-the-radar to this point but really shouldn’t. The 6’4 wing has tons of length and quite a bit of skill. His ability to produce isn’t super high yet but in the two games we watched this year, he’s really impressed with what he has done. Super high upside with size and length that is far from done developing. Might take a while before you know what he really is but maybe not that long until you know who he is.

Ronald Johnson is one of quite a few young players for Park Tudor who over the next few years should really turn into a high-end talent. He’s a guy that is probably the likeliest to come to the forefront in the next six months as he can be really productive and depending on how he turns out, could be one of the best in the state.

Trevor Taylor isn’t a big name right now because he’s from a part of the state that doesn’t get covered that much but he’s been the most productive of any on this list even though we don’t look at him as a big time scorer. He’s a do-it-all guy that can rebound, defend, and distribute. If he continues at the same trajectory, he should be a name you know at the end of the summer.

Silas Bauer might be the guy we miss on at first because every time we have seen him, he has been better and better and completely changed how we look at him. That is a good thing and his development could be one of those to watch because he could become any number of types of players but we just don’t know yet what that is.

Moynihan is a fun player and one that we really, really like. He’s not even remotely close to his finished product at this point but he could really turn into something down the road that is extremely coveted. 6’5, long, and very mobile with a decent jumper. That development is going to take time but a name you should watch.