2021 Spring Preview: Top Shooters


Posted On: 03/5/18 1:33 PM

The spring is now just about here and we are spending time over the next month preparing and previewing all you need to know about the 2021 class as AAU gets ready to get going.  We will breakdown many areas with not only position breakdowns but the best of the best. Today, we are looking at those top shooters prospects in the 2021 class.





Lane Sparks




Luke Brown




Chris Mantis




Cole Greenwalt



Park Tudor

Aidan Booher




Breakdown: The class of 2021 is very deep and very talented but if you look at it right now, maybe, just maybe, one of the places that there will need to be some development is with regards to shooters. Tons and tons of really good scorers but shooting is something that can take some time. However, the guys that are great shooters are finding their ways onto varsity rosters this year and they are having massive impacts.

Lane Sparks at Greensburg is one of the best players in the class and his shooting ability is really high end. Probably not the best shooter but really good and when you combine that with everything else he has, it is a package that is so good.

Luke Brown is a really good pure shooter. Isn’t the biggest kid but he knows how to score and he is really a name to know. While an injury took him out late in the season, he was putting up massive numbers and a lot of that was due to his range and touch.

Mantis is having a big year for Lowell and might be their best player right now. His ability to impact the game, not only because of his shooting, but his rebounding and ball handling ability is huge. He’s really solid as a perimeter shooter and has proven to be effective off the catch.

Cole is a guy most have yet to see but he’s got a really dominant skill in his shooting. Really good off the catch but able to create a bit and get some space. He’s not real tall and isn’t at the point where he can create a ton but he’s shown the ability to get hot and hit a bunch in a row. Very potent.

Aidan is a taller shooter who had a big year for Plainfield. His scoring ability is solid but it is built off his perimeter shooting. Has shown that he can hit in the mid-range as well and has the skill to develop into much more. Really good prospect with time.