2020 Stock Risers from BTR Main Event


Posted On: 03/27/18 2:43 PM

The BTR Main Event this past weekend had a solid field in the 16U bracket. PWP took home the 16U trophy! Prep Hoops did not see every team play but were able to scout several squads. From the teams, we saw play here is the players that elevated their stock the most.

Carlos Jackson RSE Elite 2020 Wing/Forward 

He is a long athlete that moves well without the basketball. RSE Elite went to him inside a lot for easy baskets as he would lose his defender. On defense, he was super active making it tough on his opponent to score. He is a small college prospect to keep an eye on.

Hunter Hoggatt Gym Time Hoops 2020 Wing

Hoggatt played up on the Gym Time Hoops 17U squad this weekend. He is a talented 6’3 Wing. In a game against a talented PWP squad Hoggatt did everything in his power to lead Gym Time Hoops to a victory scoring the ball very well, especially from distance. Hoggatt is a small college player in the 2020 Class to keep a lookout for.

Trey Phipps OK Run PWP 2020 Guard

Phipps is going to be the lead guy for the PWP 16U squad. Everyone is well aware Phipps can shoot the ball very efficiently from behind the arc. This summer one of the biggest things to look for in his game is if Phipps can prove he can create as a Point Guard for others. If this weekend was any indication then Phipps will do great in the role of being the lead scorer and distributor for OK Run PWP 16U. Not only can Phipps score by creating off the dribble he moves really well without the basketball finding cracks in the defense. Phipps is one of the most exciting players to watch with the energy level he brings to the floor. Phipps projects to the NCAA Division I Mid Major level.

Davon Richardson OK Run PWP 2020 Wing 

Richardson is going to be a player that continues to make a big jump this summer. The improvement for Richardson began at Sand Springs this winter. The best way to describe Richardson is a 6’3 solid Wing that can score the basketball with ease at all three levels. Richardson projects to the NCAA Division I Low Major level.

Darrius Phillips OK Run PWP 2020 Wing 

Phillips brings an intensity to the game that is tough to match. College coaches will notice very quickly the constant effort he brings on both ends. Defense is an area of the game Phillips is consistently impacting the game in a positive way. The offensive game of Phillips is a work in progress. There are times he shows great signs up improvement using his athleticism to get to the rim and finish. Once Phillips gets his jumper to fall consistently lookout. He projects to the NCAA Division I Low Major level.

Brock Davis OK Run PWP 2020 Post 

Davis got off to a slow start. He got going on defense blocking opposing players shots left and right. When Davis was on he looked really good. The biggest thing for Davis to pick up NCAA Division I looks this summer is going to be him being consistent. Every game Davis will have the skill set to rebound and defend. Offensively, Davis is strong inside he needs to work on finishing at a higher rate.

Seth Chargois OK Run PWP 2020 Guard 

Chargois had himself a strong showing this weekend. He was super active on defense creating havoc. On offense, he kept the defense on their toes scoring the ball at all three levels. It is a little to early to project Chargois, but without a doubt, he will be a college player.

MJ Warrior BTR 2020 Point Guard 

Warrior was great throughout the weekend for BTR dicing his way to the basket. This could be a big breakout summer for Warrior with him leading the attack for BTR at the Point. The quickness of Warrior along with his shooting skills make him tough to stop offensively. Warrior also plays smart at the Point doing a great job of getting his teammates involved.

Kalub Hunt BTR 2020 Wing 

Hunt stretched the floor for BTR from the Wing at 6’3. He is best in catch and shoot situations spotting up from deep. Hunt is a prospect small colleges will want to know.

Kavon Key BTR 2020 Wing

Key is a very strong gifted Wing that is rising quickly in the 2020 class. He is great at slashing to the basket for open looks. This could be a breakthrough summer for Key with his strong frame and increasing basketball skills. Key is starting to turn the corner and be a difference maker. He had a great finish to his year at Tulsa Memorial.

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