2020 Rankings Breakdown


Posted On: 03/1/18 2:50 PM

Top 10 Analysis

Although the top 2 in our 2020 rankings remains the same, there were some significant shifts within the top 10. Anthony Edwards (HSP) and Brandon Boston (Norcross) have both solidified themselves as Top-20 prospects nationally and have had tremendous seasons for their teams. Edwards is an explosive athlete with great overall scoring skills, a strong body, and a killer mentality. Boston has excellent outside shooting ability but also possesses a smooth game off the dribble to go with great length and a high IQ.

Sharife Cooper (McEachern) stands at #3. He has been a key piece as a floor general for the nationally ranked Indians, coming through with big time performances the whole season. Most notable was his game at City of Palms against Hudson Catholic, going for 40+ and willing his team to victory. Walker Kessler (Woodward) and Dwon Odom (St. Francis) round out the top 5. Kessler and Odom are travel ball teammates, creating a tough guard-post duo. You won’t find many bigs who can shoot from the perimeter like Kessler while also making an impact inside on both ends. Odom’s PG skills have continued to progress; pairing that with his dynamic athleticism and finishing ability is a scary sight.

The rest of the top 10 has some very impressive prospects as well. Jordan Meka (#6), Josh Taylor (#7), and Jaqueze Kirby (#10) are all forwards who will gain a lot of attention this spring and summer. Kirby and Meka are both extremely athletic for their size, using their physical traits to dominate opponents. Taylor is a great defender and rebounder, while also showing improvement offensively almost every time I see him. The other two in the top 10 are KD Johnson (#8) and Quincy Ademokoya (#9). Johnson plays with more intensity than anyone, flying all over the court and wreaking havoc on both ends. He had a huge season for a young Southwest Dekalb team. Ademokoya is a tall, long wing who can really shoot. He plays on a talented Dacula squad; I’m ready to see what else he shows with the Georgia Stars on the travel circuit.


Young and Unique

Although the prospects in the 2020 class aren’t as well known yet, there are a plethora of guys who have already made their marks with uncommon traits. Let’s start with Toneari Lane (#12) and Chase Ellis (#13). They are both somewhat stuck between being guards or forwards because of their size, but that does not stop them from being effective. Lane and Ellis are tough and physical, playing bigger than their height and challenging taller opponents without second thought.

This class also has some solid combo forwards in Quincy Canty (#16), Jamaine Mann (#20), Sam Hines #26), and Jacorrei Turner (#30). All 4 of these guys are long, fluid athletes who bring great energy to their teams. Canty is probably the best scorer of the group; while the others may not always put up big scoring numbers, they impact the game in various ways because of their activity.

They may only be sophomores, but there are numerous 2020 guards in Georgia who play with the confidence and aggression of upperclassmen. Christian Wright (#14), Kendall Latney (#17), and Tyler Johnson (#25) are all examples of this. These 3 are fearless going to the basket and are capable of handling big scoring loads.

Towards the bottom of the rankings are some shooters with size and good all-around skills. Joseph Staiti (#32), Matt Davis (#38), Evan Hurst (#39), and Luke Champion (#46) fit this mold. They may not be big names yet, but you will continue to hear more about them because of their value on the perimeter.