2019 Top SG’s


Posted On: 03/6/18 12:30 PM

With the 2019 rankings release, we’re taking a look at the top juniors in the state that have been making a name for themselves all year long. In this article we’ll take a look at the top shooting guards for the class. Prep Hoops Colorado takes an in-depth look at each player.




1) Kenny Foster-Smoky Hill-Overall Class Rank #1

Throughout his three-year career, Kenny has been a player that’s been at the top of the board as far as being one of the best players in the state. He’s also regarded as one of the best mid-range players in the state that also shows freakish athleticism. He’s a high I.Q. player that can score, defend and affect the game in many ways and throughout his career he’s been able to maintain his consistent numbers. He averaged 18.9 points as a freshman, 17.7 points as a sophomore and 17 points as a junior and will head into senior season looking to progress in that area and get it done. The team will be without some key players next year so it will be up to Kenny to build off of a successful year for the Buffaloes.




2) Kwane Marble-Denver East-Overall Class Rank #3

Kwane is an incredible player that has had some of his great play overshadowed due to the fact that he shares the court with the best player in the state in Daylen Kountz which has left many overlooking his last three years of also carrying the team. This year he averaged 16.4 points, 4.7 assists and 4.8 rebounds a game while also leading the team in steals at 3.2 a game, amongst the state leaders in that category. His overall numbers rank amongst the top of all players and he’s second in 5A in steals. Next year, with Kountz out of the picture it’ll be up to Kountz to carry the scoring load and continue the winning ways established by Colorado powerhouse Denver East. He’s a player worth putting on your grassroots board and going to take a look at.




3) Chase Hettinger-Castle View-Overall Class Rank #6

In a less than stellar year for Castle View as they went 12-12 and a forgettable 1-9 in league play it’s hard to take a look at the bright spots for the team, but one thing to look forward to next season is the improvement that seems certain to happen as they have one of the best guards in the state in Chase. Chase is a player that got it done in many ways and led the team in almost every major category. His 18.6 points, 2.3 assists and 4.5 rebounds a game is something to take pride in and if he can grow on those numbers will place him as one of the top seniors in the state and on the radars of many colleges as well.
4) Sufyan Elkannan-Legend-Overall Class Rank #18

To say that Legend had a disappointing would be an understatement, this is a team that had high expectations from plenty of people for this season that somehow underachieved. There was a span that they lost six of their 12 games by five points or less which meant they were able to compete with almost any team in the state, just couldn’t find ways to finish. The good thing, they return most of their core and amongst those, Sufyan Elkannan. He’s a player that only played about three minutes as a sophomore and saw that role increase his junior season as this was a coming out party. With a bigger role on the team he showcased what made him special and why he deserved to be in the top-20 players in his class. At 15.7 points and 5.3 rebounds a game, it’s hard to argue against it.