2019 Top Big Men


Posted On: 03/8/18 4:22 PM

With the 2019 rankings release, we’re taking a look at the top big men for the junior class. Prep Hoops Colorado takes an in-depth look at each player, says what makes them special and what the state tournament holds for them.



1) Ronnie DeGray III-Chaparral-Overall Class Rank #3

To say Ronnie is having a great year is an understatement. He’s taken over games and carried the team on his back and shocked many in the state with his body-to-body dunks, his finishes at the rim or ability to get to the free throw line as he’s done all year. He’s approached each game the same way and should be in the running for Mr. Basketball while also being one of the most improved players in the state as well, as he does whatever he needs to secure the win. He’s leading the team in points, rebounds and blocks per game and with a whole offseason to perfect his craft will have the most anticipated senior season.



2) Dayne Prim-Grandview-Overall Class Rank #8

This season we’ve got to see Dayne Prim in his entirety. With a full load of minutes and in a role to be “the guy” we’ve got to see what he’s capable of and he’s certainly impressed. His 13 points and 7.4 rebounds per game average don’t fully lay out his importance to this team and what he means. Dayne has played a big role in his team getting to the Great 8 last season while in a lesser role and now with his at the helm the team is in the Final Four and ready for yet another upset.



3) Bryce Matthews-Chaparral-Overall Class Rank #21

Bryce is a tough guy and provided muscle for the Chaparral team. He’s a player you could tell to go out there and do something and it’s going to get done. He’s a glue guy that makes the right play and he had plenty of contributions that weren’t reflected on the stat sheet. He did however have a solid stat line of 10.9 points and 6.2 rebounds a game. Bryce is a player that looks for contacts and can still finish and searches for a person on loose rebounds as well as driving to the basket. His play is a kick starter for the team and he has a high motor.



4) Simon May-Mountain Vista-Overall Class Rank #28

Simon is one those players that continues to grow each season. His progression has led him to becoming the most important piece for Mountain Vista this year as he was a player that went out and competed each game. Although the team went 15-10 on the year you could argue that this was a good season for them considering that seven of their loses came to teams that played in the Great 8. This summer will be a big one for Simon as he works on his game and continues to get better and if he puts in the work, he has the chance to catch the state by surprise.