2019 PG Prospects: Gianni Hunt vs Rejean “Boogie” Ellis

Southern California

Posted On: 03/13/18 6:53 PM

2019 PG Prospects: Gianni Hunt vs Rejean “Boogie” Ellis

TORRANCE, CA—In a recent playoff game between Bishop Montgomery and Mission Bay, one of the more intriguing match-ups was the point guard battle between 2019 studs Gianni Hunt (Bishop Montgomery) and Regean “Boogie” Ellis (Mission Bay). Bishop Montgomery would dominate the final three quarters in route to a 56-34 victory, but both guards exhibited the talent to be considered Division 1 priorities going forward.

Athleticism: Gianni Hunt

Bishop Montgomery point guard Gianni Hunt led the Knights to a win over Mission Bay.

Joel’s Take: Hunt, despite coming off a recent broken foot, displays good speed and quickness, especially in the open floor. His relentless attacking style puts defenders on their heels and forces the defense to collapse while he is speeding up the court. While at the rim he has the strength and bounce to finish over the rim. Ellis, on the other hand, is still maturing physically. However, once his strength and bounce improve he should be a high-level finisher going forward.



Frame: “Boogie” Ellis

Joel’s Take: Both Ellis and Hunt have lanky frames, but Ellis has extremely long arms which help him shoot over the top of length in the paint and should be an asset going forward when he asserts himself defensively.

Ball Handling: “Boogie Ellis”

Joel’s Take: This category was a bit tough to decide considering both Hunt and Ellis need work in this area. Like most left-handers, Hunt has a tendency to attack that side of the floor much of the time. He needs to improve his right hand while attacking to keep defenders honest. Meanwhile, Ellis is right-handed, but ironically he appears to be more comfortable penetrating to his left. He has a slick crossover and counter-move while in the paint, but he needs to get stronger with the ball when being tightly defended.

Passing: A Draw

Joel’s Take: Hunt will pass and is quite potent delivering nifty dimes in traffic, but at times it is forced due to a late decision while penetrating the defense. Meanwhile, Ellis is exceptional at hitting his teammates in stride for a transition bucket or putting a pass on the money to an open shooter while attacking the defense.

Motor: Gianni Hunt

Joel’s Take: Whereas Ellis picks his spots to exert his assertiveness on the game, Hunt is fully engaged at all times. Offensively, he pushes the ball hard in transition and puts pressure on opposing defenses. Defensively, Hunt will pick suffocate opposing guards all 90-feet utilizing his lateral quickness and bulldog mentality.

Defender: Gianni Hunt

Joel’s Take: Hunt has long arms and active hands, but it’s his competitive mindset and ability to  slide his feet which makes him tough to deal with for opposing guards. Ellis is a stoic competitor who doesn’t show much emotion, but at this stage of his career, his attention to detail and assertiveness at the defensive end needs to improve.

Scoring: “Boogie Ellis”

Boogie Ellis did all he could against the defensive prowess of Bishop Montgomery.

Joel’s Take: Ellis has a Division 1 ready jump shot and he knows how to utilize the jab step to get separation. He needs to get better finishing at the rim and through contact, but he has a few counter moves in his bag of tricks to get his runner and mid-range pull-up off in traffic. Hunt, on the other hand, is a blur in transition and he attacks the rim with a vengeance despite possessing a slight frame.

Shooting: “Boogie Ellis”

Joel’s Take: Hunt has improved his shot and he can knock down the 3-point shot, but his mechanics are a bit stiff and he has a low release. Ellis, on the other hand, has a nice and easy stroke and his range extends out to 23-feet.

Overall: Neither Hunt or Ellis are your traditional point guard types as both excel as scorers rather than facilitators. Hunt plays at a relentless pace whereas Ellis picks his spots and allows the game to come to him at a more frequent rate. Both will be Division 1 priorities, but at this stage I feel Ellis has the advantage, both from a physical stand point as well as an overall feel for the point guard position.