2019 Justyn King talks travel, workouts, and upcoming senior year.


Posted On: 03/28/18 4:31 PM

2019 Justyn King is improving by leaps and bounds. The 6’8 forward has some range and is looking to improve his stock by becoming more of a perimeter threat. This spring and summer he will be running with CP25 Guantlet team. That team is loaded with prospects and King is looking to rise towards the top of that list.


“Coming off the high season, I stayed in the gym working to perfect my craft. I was kind of disappointed in the way the season ended because I felt we had a chance to compete for a state title with the talent we had. It has fueled my fire, I’m determined more than ever to lead my team to a title,” King said.


I asked King what he’s planning to work on this summer, his response was ” I’m working on everything, footwork and agility, ball-handling, expanding my range, and my aggression. Most times I would lay the ball up instead of going at guys and dunking on them but my senior year……I’m going in!”


Most times I talk to a prospect they rarely mention defense but Justyn was adamant that his focus was defense first. “Coach T (his high school coach Billy Teeden) preaches defense first, if you don’t allow a point then you can’t lose. Folks think footwork and agility is for offense, I’m using it for defense,” king stated.


If you could compare your skillset to anyone, who would that be? “Chris Bosh, cause I feel like he’s always been underrated and under valued, sort of like me. Not many have me listed high but my work will speak for itself. I’m determined to prove to myself I belong with the best.


Going into your senior year, how do you feel your summer workouts and playing with CP25 Gauntlet will help your game and high school team? “It’ll help me grow as a player because I’ll practice and play with guys that will be high major recruits. My desire to compete with those guys and excel will increase my basketball IQ. For my high school team, I’ll use the knowledge to expand my leadership and lead my teammates towards our goals. This past season was successful but we didn’t finish where we wanted. I plan to hold guys accountable and finish the task next year.


Justyn King has interest from Liscomb, Samford, Georgia Southern and Offers from North Florida, Stetson, and Northern Arizona. I’m certain the interest and offers will pick up so keep your eyes on him.